Race: Human
Class: Rogue/Monk
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Joining the Party

Avaris was part of the expedition, lead by the sadistic Xeron in the tomb of the forgotten king.

On the 17th day of Wealsun, [Season 2 Episode 12] the party found Avaris in the tomb, near death and abandoned by his former evil employer. He then joined the party with the intention of exacting his revenge on Xeron.

Leaving the Party

Shortly after the death of Krodorn in Skull Gorge Bridge [Season 4 Episode 2], Avaris and Prtytannia left the party on a personal mission to return the warrior’s body to his home in Hammerfist Holds. Along the way they assisted in the defense of several refugee caravans fleeing the path of the Red Hand horde.



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  1. […] who used to play Avaris in our weekly D&D game, actually mentioned that this scandal to me when it was brought before […]

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