The Battle for Skull Gorge Bridge II


The Fall of Ozyrrandion

6th Day of Richfest.
Skull Gorge Bridge.  Early Morning

All the hobgoblins are slain, many under the deadly twin blades of Bam.  The fight however is far from over. One last defender remains: the formidable green dragon Ozyrrandion.


Valthurne was dying.

The green dragon Ozyrrandion stood over him ready to rip out his throat.  His companions were too far behind to help him this time.  His vision faded in an out and he was certain the last thing he would hear was the sound of teeth ripping out his flesh.

Ozyrrandion’s sharp teeth drew closer, then suddenly stopped. The dragon quickly turned away from Valthurne. Something caught his attention.


The green dragon glared angrily at the wizard at the bottom of the tower.

The wizard Iroel, himself barely able to stand from his injuries, hurled insult after insult at the green dragon in its own language. It was all he could to to draw the dragon away from his friend.

Ozyrrandion’s once lustrous scales were now stained heavily with his own blood. Several arrows and bolts jut from all over his body, a harsh product of what has been a long and arduous battle. He knew the strategic thing to do was to kill the human at his feet and flee. He could then return with more of his brethren and conquer these warm bloods and feast on their still beating hearts. However, his pride would hear of no surrender.

I am a dragon! He thought to himself. I will not be beaten by a band of pathetic warm bloods. I will show them to fear me!

Abandoning Valthurne, his dying prey, he launched himself from the guard tower and dove towards the wizard below.

“I will melt your skin off your bones!” he cried out, then took in a deep breath and prepared to unleash a seething cloud of acid upon the whelp.

Ozy and Iroel

The ranger Jorr was close by and watching. An arrow was nocked and ready to fly.  His hand was steady and patient. He knew it was a matter of time before the dragon emerged to strike again, and the taunting wizard was just the incidental bait he was hoping for.

Upon seeing the dragon emerge from the tower, he let loose deadly arrow. His aim was true. The arrow took to the air and buried itself deep into the dragon’s chest.

Ozyrrandion flailed and clawed in the air as the arrow pierced his hide. Thoughts of fury and destruction raged across his mind, followed by pure silence.

The green dragon plummeted to his death in a resounding thud in the parched ground below at the foot of Iroel.

The battle was over.

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  1. Old post, but it came up on Google. I’m running the Red Hand of Doom Campaign right now, and I like the map you made of Skull Gorge.

    • Thanks RJ. Goodluck on your campaign. As you might already have seen, this one is suspended, sadly. I don’t have the time to run a campaign anymore nowadays.

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