Cast and Crew

Player Characters

Bam (CN Male Half-Elf Ranger)

Fengell Bloodmoon (Human Barbarian)

Iroel Qvasura (CG Grey Elf Wizard /Archivist )

Laucian Galanodel (Wood Elf Druid)

Valthurne (NG Human Fighter)

Former Companions

Avaris (LN Human Rogue /Monk )

Ahnar’a (N Female Human Druid 3) – Human raised by Tiri Kitor elves. Gave her life to serve as the new Guardian of the Falls; Transformed into the timeless Guardian of the Falls

Æleryn – Silent and serious.
Left the party to settle down with Leera

Eärendur Ereb Draug Tûr (Ereb) (N Male Wild Elf Druid 3) – Left the party to perform a series of rituals that will help him recover his memories; Currently away from the party.

Chealn (N Male Raven Familiar) – Raven familiar, and long time friend of Iroel. Died in the battle with the Betrayer; Deceased;

Krodorn (LG Dwarf Rogue /Fighter ) – Died in the battle for Skull Gorge Bridge; Deceased:

Naiades (N Male Eagle Animal Companion) – A gift from Ehlonna who was pleased with the sacrifice Ahnar’a made in becoming the Guardian of the Falls. Animal companion of Bam. Died in the battle with the Betrayer; Deceased;

(NG Human Cleric of Pelor 5) – Left the party in order to assist in the evacuation of refugees as well as to deliver the body of Krodorn to his home.


/ Felix / Gabriella / Hayden / Ian / Jorr /Kertha /Koth, Wyrmlord / Leera / Magtooth /Naiades / Pettyfer / Xavier / Xeron

Character Name (AL Gender Race Class Levels) – Short description of the character.
Attitude towards Party; Status

Arvel Durgen (NG Male Dwarf Aristocrat) – Rich merchant from Barrow’s Edge who hired the party to stop the goblin raids. Died a few days later in a goblin raid.
Indifferent; Deceased;

BajanthaBajantha Minwitten (Female Gnome Diviner) – Local diviner in Kingsholm and very knowledgeable in the legend of the forgotten king.

(LG Male Human Paladin of Pelor) – Charismatic leader of a retinue of paladins as well as his own adventuring party which includes Pettyfer, Hayden and Xavier.

(LG Female Human Cleric of Pelor) – Dormitory director at the Cathedral of Pelor in Four Winds. Very protective of her only daughter Prytannia.

(NG Male Killoren Druid) – Part of a curious and unknown fey race. The tracker and hunter from the party of Felix.
Friendly; Deceased or Missing

(Male Human) – Owner of Crown and Cabbage Inn in Kingsholm. Hired the party to investigate the missing townsfolk in the Kingsholm mausoleum.

(CG Male Ranger 3/Rogue 2) – A hunter-hermit living deep in the Witchwood who gets over eager when it comes to the chance to hunt down goblins.

koth2 (LE Male Bugbear Sorcerer) One of the five Wyrmlords – commanders of the Red Hand. Killed while “trying to escape”
Hostile; Deceased

Kertha Tims (Female Half-Elf Expert) Local historian in Kingsholm. Fascinated with the legend of the forgotten king.
Friendly, sometimes a bit too friendly;

Krootad (Male Hobgoblin Cleric of Hextor 5) – One of the tomb robbers in Xeron‘s gang.
Hostile; Deceased;

(CN Female Elf Bard 3) – Expert on the legend of the forgotten king. Recruited against her better judgment into Xeron’s group. Bethrothed to Æleryn.

(LE Male Goblin Rogue) – One of the tomb robbers in Xeron‘s gang. Escaped certain death when a teleport spell took him to the surface. Killed when the party caught up with him in Vraath Keep
Hostile; Deceased;

(CN Male Human Rogue) – Charming and sly youngster; Rejoined Felix‘s adventuring party once the threat to Barrow’s Edge was over; Friendly;

(Male Yuan-Ti Pureblood Sorcerer 4) – The leader of the tomb robbers who entered the tomb of the forgotten king in search for the weapons of legacy.
Hostile; Deceased;

(LN Male Human Sorcerer) – Sardonic arcanist who serves under Felix

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