Tales of Escape

Tales of Escape

4th Day of Richfest.
Vraath Keep.  Early Morning

In order to freely explore the rest of Vraath Keep, Valthurne and Krodorn lock up Koth in the war room with the intention of retrieving him on their way out. However, somebody has other plans.


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Bam does a Better Job than Avaris

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18th Day of Wealsun promises…

Bam reflects on the recent encounter with his cursed ancestor, Baryn Marapolous Sigorian the First, otherwise known as the Betrayer.

Mental Notes:

Bam One’s Swords – I refuse to let the world remember my name and those before me as the betrayer. The swords he used for evil, I will use for justice (and killing mages… Mages = Evil)

Naiades – The rage for the magnificent creature’s death fuels the fires inside of me. It’s like losing Ahnar’ra all over again.. Xeron will face my wrath.

Iroel – As much as I dislike him, I could never forgive myself for what I have done. Even if I know, deep inside, it was Bam One’s doing, I was weak. Everything has been my fault and I will make up for my weakness… and I have to figure out where he’s hidden the ink this time.

Xeron – He will pay. For all my pain, a thousand times will I repay him.

Letters – Write to my mom.

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17th Day of Wealsun

(found at the back of Valthurne’s journal)

Why are we here? I’ve been asking myself that a lot recently. My immediate answer would have been gold. That was the honest truth, and the only reason why I went to this dreadful place. But lately, I wasn’t so sure anymore. I couldn’t put words into how I felt, but Valthurne‘s question struck a deep resounding chord deep within me.

He asked me how much we would end up paying to finish this.

I hate this feeling. I prefer mediocrity. I never wanted to be a hero. Now I feel like everything thats happening has a deeper meaning. And that feeling scares me. Whenever I look at my companions, I see potential for greatness. I know that they are all meant for greater things. That their destinies are bound to be legend. But I don’t see that in myself. I never dream of those things. I’m a farmer. A farmer who wanted to see the outside world. But a farmer still.

I never saw myself like brave Ahanar’a.

Ahnar’a had always been a mystery to me. We barely spoke the entire time we were together, but her last words to me touched me. Simple as those were, they forced me to look deep into myself. Somehow I feel like she saw something in me I never saw myself.

Ahanar’a had always been a mystery to me. But somehow, it seems like Naiades is her spirit. Like same servant of Ehlonna, but in a different form.

Ahnar’a had always been a mystery to me. But maybe, through Naiades, that magnificent bird, I may get to know her a little bit more.

And she could continue to help me know myself a little bit better.

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13th Day of Wealsun

We who rest still long to serve. If you seek the same, take our goods and be blessed. If greed moved this stone and not a true heart, may our curse find you ere we awake.

To: Mrs. Krootad

Re: Krootad


It is with profound regret that I inform you that your son, Krootad, met his end fighting in the service of the people of your great nation. You and your family have our deepest sympathies and understanding during this period of bereavement.

Service to Evil and the like requires sacrifices. Sacrifices that your precious Krootad valiantly accepted without fear. To ease your thoughts on your beloved’s courage, I would like to impart with you his courage before met his end.

Suffice to say Krootad’s enemies did not find defeating Krootad easy. He was cunning and vicious and never did he show fear in the face of his foes. His actions that day deserved the honor and the respect of his fellows.

Were it not for the seething hatred of a particularly handsome ranger for Krootad’s kind, Krootad may almost have been successful in his attempt the thwart the band of adventurer’s campaign. But, alas, we both now know how the battle ended up.

We would have really wanted to send you something of Krootad’s to cherish, but unfortunately, it was decided that his head would be brought to the town nearest to the place of his demise, to both serve in getting clues and as a warning to would be grave robbers.

The situation being as it is, I hope sending you this letter written with his blood would suffice in providing you with a memento of sorts.

It would be presumptuous of us to assume that you and Krootad are of the same kind without us having to meet you, with todays generation and all. But if you are, indeed, Goblinkind, please rest assured that you will, most probably soon, see Krootad and meet your own end by impaling yourself through the long sword of the said particularly handsome ranger.

With my deepest condolences.

Baryn Marapalous Sigorian XVII
a particularly handsome ranger

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12th day of Wealsun

My Dear Father,

There’s been some confusion over rooming here at Shiz.. I found this piece of excellent parchment in my room and decided to send you a letter.

Its been weeks and I’m sure you are wondering where your son went. I hope you understand that there comes a time in an elf’s (half-elf in my case) life that one really has to look for himself.

The good news is, I was successful in my endeavor, and have found myself. The bad news is that, when I finally found my true self, I found myself in 5,000 gold debt.

Before you overreact, you did raise a son who is happy with what nature provided. The history of the debt is a long one involving a hobgoblin, a dragon, a previously dead cleric, a gold coin, and magic mushrooms… oh wait. the magic mushrooms happened before i left. Needless to say, you will hear all about the story when I come back (and I should come back soon) but for now, all I can tell you is your son is alive and well… well, alive.

The real reason why I decided to write all of a sudden was that I was thinking about Rialis. You remember Rialis right? Torem’s kid who was always singing about the rain and an umbrella (whatever that is) and who disappeared a couple of years ago leaving all his clothes behind? Anyways, earlier today we we’re fighting a half-hobgoblin half-rat (who was more of a rat standing on two legs) and I was thinking, maybe that’s the same thing that happened to Rialis. I specifically how this wild boar was looking at me intently (definitely unlike any boar I’ve ever seen before) a few days after Rialis disappeared. I doubt if we can still confirm this, being that we did have wild pig stew that night. But it led me to think about all the different creatures I’ve seen since I left. Seems like the world is a really big place (and I can confirm that your belief that 4 Winds had castles in the sky is, indeed, false.) and there are always things of wonder to be seen (some may stab you with a rapier — a long toothpick — while you’re looking at them) and I wish you could come and see them with me.

Anyway, Iroel (the Wizard I’ve been travelling with) may start to wonder whether or not his ink bottle has a leak, so I better end here and put this back inside his pack.

Please give my love to Mother.

Your son,


“This Placemat is property of the Kingsholm Inn – Please do not steal.”

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Godsday, 11th of the month of Wealsun.

My Dearest Listra,

It’s been days since I’ve seen you last and I think of you daily.

A lot has happened since we left for the city of Four Winds. We managed to resurrect Prytannia, Incurred a huge amount debt, I was given a castle (if i could find it. I hear it has an underground facility with particle accelerators… whatever that means), and we now find ourselves at Kingsholm – Not far from where my heart lies.

The wizard, you may remember him as the one who stole the dragon’s life from my blades, kept babbling on about some dead queen or king and a tomb of sorts. But as long as there is hope for me to repay my debt, go back to Lirian’s (the Lich king which I told you about) estate, and go on with my blissfully peaceful life, I will keep on striking down my enemies.

I am writing this in my bed at the inn where I am trying to rest (having be struck in the heart by a particularly nasty arrow – I will tell you more about it when we meet next). We will be going back into the crypts (apparently kings like to get buried with their gold… just like dragons) in a day or two.

I hope you recieve the Bronk’s shield with this letter. Hang it in your room so you will be reminded of me everytime you see it.

I will end this letter here and I hope to hear from you soon.

With my heart,


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