Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral Good


Age: 18
Race: Human


-enter backstory here-

Season 1

Valthurne came to Barrow’s Edge to offer his services as a warrior, but arrived too late.  The party had already taken care of the goblin threat that was besieging the town. While in town, he made friends with the party and then later joined in their journey to to the City of Four Winds to return the body of Prytannia, who was killed in the goblins’ lair.

Season 2

Valthurne was with the party as they explored the tomb of the forgotten king.  He often risked his own life to protect his new companions.  When they lost Ahanr’a, he was greatly affected and made a vow to find a way to free her from her confinement as Guardian of the Falls.

Valthurne discovered that he is descendant of  Theron, the first king of Rhestilor. He was given Merthuvial, the very sword that help Theron estabish his kingdom hundreds of years ago.


Valthune’s Journal

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  1. […] Valthurne then  makes arrangements for two druids to  head over to old Warklegnaw’s home in the Witchwood to deliver the message that the residents of Drellin’s Ferry is willing to enter into a peace treaty with the Twist-Tusk tribe.  The original plan was to send an animal messenger, but Laucian pointed out the unlikelihood that a 30 foot tall forest giant will notice a rabbit with a scroll tied to its neck. […]

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