Shady Dealings

Iroel looked around at the streets that he knew so well. To think that he was already back in the city he had spent a decade in. But he had already said goodbye to a solemn life in the libraries, surrounded by old tomes and arcane devices. He had spent the journey thinking about what he would need, and now was the time to fetch it. First, he would be heading to Arzen, the gnome with whom he had so often discussed his research in the ten years he’d been here.

He turned to Chealn, to ask him to fly ahead and tell Arzen that he was coming, but then, as soon as he turned his head, he remembered. His old companion was no more. Once again briefly recalling the moment when they first met, at the time where he was still a novice, he quickly gathered himself.

There wouldn’t be time for this kind of thing, he thought. They had a job to do, and no matter how much he despised the thought of following orders from a king, no matter how deceased, he still had to assist his friends.

He walked with quick steps to Arzen’s house, and found that the gnome was home. His old friend was happy to see him, but quickly took on a more professional attitude when he heard the reason for the visit.

After closing the door to his friend’s house, he stood still for a moment. How would they react to helping him, who had so often scoffed at the thought of their so-called powers? He gathered himself, and went on. Finally he arrived at his destination, a small unnoticeable house in a less reputable part of town. As he entered, he could immediately sense the smell of incense in the air, dulling his senses and his wits. He proceeded, and found, in the biggest room of the house, the person he sought. A small cloaked figure, who sat behind a rough wooden table, raised its head and looked at him.

“Ah, the scholar. What do we owe the visit?” the voice said in a sarcastic tone. It was a woman’s voice. A bit hoarse, but a woman’s nevertheless. Iroel sighed, and replied in Goblin, as good as his grasp of the language allowed him to: “I need assistance. I know that you don’t like me, and honestly, I’d much rather deal with someone else, but you’re the only one with the abilities needed. I know of your power over fire, and of your habit of copying down the exact details of your magic. I also know that you probably won’t wish to help me, which is why I, in addition to the payment for your services offer this.”

Iroel reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small chain, from which a small symbol hang. The symbol of Maglubyet. He held it in front of the goblin, and then laid it on the table. “I assume we have a deal?”

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Contemplating Numbness

This poem was written by Iroel Qvasura, and is dedicated to Ahnar’a, Druidess of the Woods, and Guardian of the Water.

Those who deserve death the least

Are always the first to perish

And so, the time has come again

To bid a friend farewell

The confused dreamer waking up

To see a barren world of pain

Looking around, searching for a glimmer

Of the serenity he desperately seeks.

Full of despair, he looks around

To see that nothing is there

Truth and lies, all mixed up

In all-consuming nothingness

He looks above to skies for hope

Begging the gods for mercy

But what comes – Yet again

Is nothing of the sort

No wishes granted, yet still

He clings to his only hope

That someone is here to help him

Face this cold world

Contemplating his numbness

He finally gets enough

Sets out in the world to stop it

Not the hero, anymore


No longer the thought of stopping

Lies buried in his head

Forever he’ll continue

’till nothing is, but death.

‘Gods have mercy’, some would say

I tend to disagree

For what are we, if not to choose

Our own, free destiny.

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Research on Magical Theory

Research on Magical Theory

To a possible future reader: In this text, I, Iroel Qvasura, shall attempt to detail the research I conduct in the arcane, both theory and application. While it is possible that the writings may be biased by my own magical preferences, I shall attempt to keep my personal opinions in the notes below each entry. If you have further details about any of these theories or applications, please contact me.

Invisibility – Warping the Sight.

Illusions is, as one might already know, the magic of deceiving. It’s goal is to hide what is real, instead causing the victim to believe that what he or she sees is the truth. One very potent use of this magic, is perhaps the greatest feat ever in applied Illusions. Invisibility. This spell, which is actually rather simple for an experienced magician, enables one to travel without being seen, for a limited time. One should keep in mind, though, that the spell hides the target from sight, but doesn’t conceal the sound at all. Therefore, one should always move as silently as possible, as a lot of questions will be inevitable if someone catches you walking around invisible.

Notes: An amazingly useful spell. I have a great amount of trouble, trying to find any other spell with more varied uses. I wonder, though, if it is possible to make the spell more resistant to detection… Hmm….

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Items of Arcana

Items of Arcana

To a possible future reader: In this text, I, Iroel Qvasura, shall attempt to document the different arcane items and enchantments, that I encounter in my journeys, or create myself. While it is possible that the writings may be biased by my own magical preferences, I shall attempt to keep my personal opinions in the notes below each entry. If you have further information about any of these items or enchantments, please contact me.

The Cloak of Resistance

This cloak is adorned with enchanted sigils, hardly visible to the naked eye, though they seem to shine brightly to those sensitive to magical auras. Other than that, it looks like a normal cape, as one would expect to encounter. When worn, it transfers it’s enchantment of protection to it’s wearer, granting him or her a greater safety, as if warded by a normal spell. To make this cloak, one prepares a normal cloak, which one then carefully adorns with the correct symbols. The thread one uses should always be carefully woven from strands of spider silk, which is then left for an hour, and nothing more than an hour, among finely crushed agate powder. When that is done, the would-be creator casts his chosen spell of warding, which the prepared thread should then absorb into itself, forever storing it, and warding it’s wearer.

Notes: This enchantment is a rather practical one, especially for an adventurer such as I. Though I’ve never been good at abjuration, I can acknowledge the skill used in this piece of craftsmanship. A way to improve this, might be to focus, not on strengthening not the inherent defense of the wearer, but on creating a field of force around him or her. That would give an increased physical defense, though it’d leave the mind more vulnerable.

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Creatures Unknown

Creatures unknown

To a possible future reader: In this text, I, Iroel Qvasura, shall attempt to describe the different exotic creatures that I encounter in my journeys. While it is possible that the writings may be slightly biased, I shall attempt to keep my personal opinions in the notes below each entry. If you have further information about any of these creatures, please contact me.

Living Goo

This grey mass of goo apparently exists in chasms of old tombs. They seem to have no specific organs, but do take damage from physical attacks. They also appear to be vulnerable to heat. After taking sufficient damage, they dissolve into common non-living goo. It appears very sticky.

Notes: Probably not sticky enough to work as glue. Probably poisonous. I wonder what happens if you pour some into water…. Will it be possible to make a poison which is non-detectable before it is drunk?

Goblinous Armoris

Also known as Varags, this race is one which I have not encountered before. They look like feral hobgoblins, a race of the Goblinous specie. They seem to have a natural armor of some kind. This Goblinous Armoris, as I call it, shows a level of intelligence above that of a goblin, but below that of a human, elf, or dwarf. Note that this may be due to differences in culture and language, rather than true intelligence. Further study shall show which it is.

Notes: At first glance, their appeared violent, but further interaction showed, that they only acted out of fear for the wrath of an evil sorcerer. After further study, I shall determine if they are possibly able to be incorporated in a normal society, that is, the society most commonly found. They seem to show affection for others of their kind, leading me to believe that they are not very different from other humanoid races.

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