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RHoD Banner2

I just thought you might get a kick out of some banner ideas Sands and I are playing around with, featuring all original art by Sands himself. I’ve uploaded this on our Obsidian Portal blog even if we don’t really use it yet. Don’t worry if you’re not here yet (Bam). Sands will work on your character sometime soon.

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Bam does a Better Job than Avaris

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Just Desserts

Unfortunately, mine was not the blow that ended Xeron’s miserable existence. My dissatisfaction was lessened when I finally got what I wanted, a pair of enchanted gauntlets that enhances their wearer’s strength.   As for the others, they got other valuable objects. Of particular interest is Merthuvial, an ancient sword belonging to a long forgotten king of these parts.  We encountered his spirit, and he told us of his link to our party thru Valthurne, who he entrusted Merthuvial to.

I wonder how this affects our fortunes, our future.

I have decided to stay with this group a little longer.

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Another Loss

The battle against the abomination took another of our companions, Chealn, Iroel’s familiar. As I understand, a familiar is more than just a wizard’s “pet”. They are an extension of their very being.

I have witnessed the death of a part of Iroel. I wonder how this affects the elf? I myself have never seen an elf in grief…

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The Power of the Divine

It was stupid of me to charge forward into a spider’s nest. Especially a spider the size of a horse!

I almost died, but was aware of divine power being used nearby. I later learned Prytannia called upon Pelor’s power to wound our foe, buying us precious time. hmmm….


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