You have stumbled upon our humble game blog.

As of the moment, we are playing Red Hand of Doom. This blog will tell of the exploits and trials of our heroes as they try to stop the Red Hand Horde as it rages across the Dawn Way.

Game Details

Game: Dungerons and Dragons 3.5

Setting: Greyhawk-ish

We play weekly though the internet. Players are from across the globe (USA, Philippines, Germany, Australia, Denmark at the time of writing). We talk on Teamspeak, use Maptool as our virtual tabletop, and DM Genie for managing just about everything.

Blog Guide

Cast and Crew – An overview of relevant people in the PCs world.

The Story so Far – A recap of the events of each session. Sometimes in prose from, sometimes in brief summary, sometimes incomprehensible ramblings.

Episode Guide – A comprehensive list of the completed episodes in summary.

House Rules – Just some variations on the basic 3.5 rule set that we implement to make the game more interesting

Character Diaries – PCs are encouraged to post entries from personal diaries of their characters. Here you will come to know the PCs inner selves. A full description of the diary mechanic is in our house rules.

The More You Know – Some additional information about people, places things that the heroes encounter, presented in the public service announcement style of its namesake

News – Pre-game announcements, notices etc.

Disclaimer: Image Copyright

As you probably would have guessed, we don’t really own the rights to any of the images we use on this site*. They are grabbed from all over the net and it would be unlikely that we can recall where each piece came from. Since this is just a hobby blog for a handful of people and the occasional guests, I am assuming the owners will not mind.

However, if you are the artist we took the images from, we thank you profusely for making our gaming experience much richer, and hope you will not ask us to take the images down.  If you want us to credit you in the use of your art, we will gladly do so. 🙂

*except for the Sands’ orignal art. You’ll find these in his character’s diary, Avaris’s Musings.

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