Session 12 – Guardian of the Falls (1/4)

continued from Session 11 – Demon Fever

Our heroes decide not to return to town, despite their dwindling supplies and the wizard’s lack of a spellbook. They save the life of a former mercenary of Xeron who joins them in their effort to hunt down his former employer.

*Ahnar’a , Avaris (new player), *Æleryn , Bam, Iroel, *Prytannia, Valthurne (* as NPC)
Aug 14, 2008

DM’s Note: It was a really eventful session, or I’m just writing too much. I broke it down in parts. Bam wrote part 2.

Moving Forward

17th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King. Labyrinth. Early Morning

The heroes decided that it was best to move forward. Valthurne, however, was surprised when Iroel, who yesteday, seemed to be resolved to returning to town, was suddenly wiling, even insistent, on moving forward.

Bam scouted ahead, two swords drawn. Deeper into the tomb, he come upon a room that smelled of death. A dead hobgoblin and a dead human lie in a pool their own blood and a dark, unarmored man in a strange tunic lay at the bottom of a wide pit not to far away. Iroel asked Chealn, his raven to scoot down to take a look closer look and discovered that the man was still alive. Bam, surveys the corpses and suggested that the man in the pit may know what killed these men.

The Man in the Iron Mask Stone Pit

A new ally? Or perhaps one sent to spy on them?

A new ally?

17th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King. Labyrinth. Early Morning

Æleryn was lowered down the pit where he tied a rope around the man’s chest so the others could hoist him up.

Once healed, the man identified himself as Avaris, and admited being part of Xeron’s group. He then told them of the automatons that attacked them in the next room and how he was chased back into a corner and into the pit. He freely offered information about Xeron and his group, also mentioning a name that Æleryn could not help but react to. Leera, who Avaris claimed was another reluctant member of the Xeron’s group, was still alive and probalby further ahead. He thanked the heroes for saving his life and told them that if they were to hunt Xeron down, he would join them for he had a score to settle with him.

Reluctantly, they let him travel alongside them, but Bam cautioned Val to keep an eye on the new ally.

The companions, focusing on the new addition to the group, did not realize the extent of the dangers they faced for as Valthurne stepped cautiously from the narrow corridor where the dead hobgoblin lay dead, an ominous click was heard by both Bam and Val. With only enough time to glare at Bam for not searching the area for traps, Val fell into a pit similar to that which they found Avaris in.

The others, hearing the crash from the other side of the corridor rushed forward to check on their leading companions. Seeing Valthurne prone and groaning on the floor, Prytannia reacted immediately and asked the others for a rope to throw down to Val.

Valthurne, still cursing his luck – and Bam, shook the pain away and started climbing out of the pit.

And just in time.

As soon as Val got out of the pit, he heard several ticking noises from all about the larger chamber as the statues opened and several creatures, seemingly made of animated pieces of metal and smoke started pouring from the two statues in the room.

Avaris, although not seeing what was happening, shouted “Those are the ones! The smoke and spikes!” as soon as he recognized the ticking and creaking sounds that he heard. Sounds, he knew, that brought death.

continued in Session 12 part 2 – The Automatons

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  1. actually, i think the title should be Domo Arigato Mister Roboto. Doctor Roboto (Robotnik) is Sonic the hedgehog’s Archenemy. hehehe

  2. oops wrong page… should be on the part 2 entry

  3. So I can’t say thank you to him? How do you know he was not the one who made the Assaulter, Harrier and Distracter? 🙂

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