House Rules

Character Diaries

After every session, players will have the option of writing a page of their character’s diary based on the events of that session. It can be anything, as long as it’s in character: adventure notes, letters to your loved ones, thoughts on the other characters, etc.

XP Rewards

DM’s thoughts Bonus XP
Dude, you wrote one sentence! And it didn’t even make sense! 0
Thanks for writing. I personally think it sucked,
but I’m sure you made some effort into this so, here’s your XP, now leave me alone.
25 x ECL
Good post. I’ll look forward to more of these! 50 x ECL
Hey, I loved your last entry! 75 x ECL
Bravo! The drama! The passion! It brought tears to my eyes! 100 x ECL
You’ve bought me a new iPhone? I’m speechless! +5 Vorpal Sword

The Rules

  1. You can only get bonus XP for Character Diaries if you were present at the last session.
  2. The bonus XP for the week for Character Diaries cannot exceed the XP gained in-game.
  3. Bonus XP is can only be awarded once per session. (Even if you make 2 or more entries based on that session)
  4. Deadline for diary posts are 24 hours before the next game session

Absent Players

If you can’t be present at a game session, your character will:

  • find an excuse to temporarily leave the party, if possible. (e.g. volunteer to guard the campsite)
  • fade into the background or just do obvious actions: Attacking an enemy creature in front of him, perform AoO’s, or heal dying comrades.
  • probably act out of character.
  • most probably be used by the GM as a plot device.

Attack and Block Descriptions

When an opponent declares an attack that you can see against you, you may declare how you are going to block or avoid it. It will not change the way the die rolls, but at least the GM can describe how it hits or misses.


GM: Valthurne, the fiendish wolverine charges at you with its sharp claws…

Valthune: I block with my shield.

GM: (rolls) You try to lower your shield in front of you, but you are too late, the creature crawls under it and through your defenses. The creature’s claws painfully cut through your skin. Now you see it open its mouth, ready to sink its teeth into you…

Valthurne: I try to side step it…

GM: (rolls) You try to side step but it was just too fast for you. It sinks its teeth into your thigh…

Valthurne: Uh, does what I say make any difference to the rolls?

GM: Nope.

Valthurne: So why do I bother to do it?

GM: Uh…So I can fully describe how miserably you failed?

Iroel: Actually, how could it have done a second attack if it charged this round?

GM: (5 second pause) Iroel, the fiendish wolverine charges at you with its sharp claws…


We follow the core rules for dying (-1 to -9 hit points), except that while dying, the DM may grant that you are conscious, and able to speak in gasps (presumably between moments of trying not to choke on your own blood). After all, how else can you give your “avenge me” speech?

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