Episode 5 – Battle for Vraath Keep (1/2)

The last moments of the goblin Magtooth

The Little Goblin that Couldn’t

4th Day of Richfest.
Vraath Keep.  Before sunrise.

Magtooth awoke to the sounds of battle.

The goblin rogue opened his eyes and saw the stable door was wide open, bright moonlight spilling into his straw bedding.  He quickly looked around and saw that the worg riders were no longer at the stalls.

Screams in goblin as well as common, and the howling of worgs came from outside the keep.

He quickly grabbed his trusty scimitar and bolted out the door, searching for the source of the commotion. It did not take long to find.

A violent scrimmage was taking place right outside Vraath Keep.  He surveyed the ongoing battle and gasped in shock.  Several of the hobgoblin sentries and worg riders were engaged in bloody combat with what looked like a couple of humans and elves and a dwarf.

He immediately recognized the human monk who was wielding his kama  with deadly grace. It was Avaris – a mercenary Magtooth had the great displeasure of working with once before.

Several weeks ago, Magtooth‘s master, a yuan-ti sorcerer named Xeron, hired Avaris as a bodyguard for a dangerous mission. In the end, the wretched human betrayed them and joined with the very people that were trying to harm his master.* It was by sheer luck that Magtooth was able to escape with his life, though he does not know what fate befell his master.

*GM’s note: Yeah Avaris, just because Xeron used you and left you for dead doesn’t mean you can just join the first party of adventurers that rescue you and give you a healing potion.

If Avaris was here, thought Magtooth, then that means…

Magtooth took another look at the humans and elves who were attacking the keep. Painful flashes of memory hammered down on him as he recognized most of them – The cruel half-elf tracker, the young human soldier, the frail gray-elf caster, the female cleric with the long flowing hair. These were the same damnable adventurers who ruined the plans of his master! And now they were here at Vraath Keep! And they brought a rampaging dwarf with them!

I must warn Koth! Magtooth thought. He has seen these heroes in battle many times before. From the shadows he watched them defeat every obstacle his master threw at them. These champions were dangerous.

Then, as if to confirm the thought Magtooth had at the moment, the dwarf* swung a dwarven waraxe at a worg rider, decapitating the unfortunate goblin instantly. The head rolled off into the grass while the body slowly slid off the worg.

*Magtooth did not recognize the dwarf. He just assumed it’s another random soul the party met along the way. That seems to be their recruiting method.

Magtooth couldn’t help give a loud squeal at the carnage. Avaris and the dwarf turned and looked in his direction.

“Maggy! You wretched beast!” Avaris grinned. “Time to settle an old score!” With that the dwarf and Avaris crossed the battleground towards Magtooth.

Magtooth quickly ducked behind the crumbling walls of what used to be a guard tower of Vraath Keep. He drew his scimitar and got ready for battle.

The dwarf was first to cross the threshold. Magtooth swung his scimitar at him but it bounced uselessly against the dwarf’s heavy plated armor. The dwarf gave a wicked grin and swung his bloody waraxe at Magtooth in return. The waraxe ripped though Magtooth within moments. His vision started to blur.

The last thing Magtooth saw was the heavy bearded dwarf spit at him as he fell to the ground, never to move again.

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  1. keep it up admin.I’ve learned a lot from your blog here.already bookmarked.thanks for your share.

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