Episode Guide


Season 4: Red Hand of Doom

8. Take Anything You Want! – The party rides on to Nimon Gap. Along the way, they run into four overconfident bandits who severely underestimate the heroes.  One bandit dies in the resulting scuffle, one escapes, but two are caught and kept in the heroes custody until they decide what to do with them.

7. Yngvar – The party deal with a group of hobgoblins camped out a short distance from the road between Drellin’s Ferry and Terrelton. Heading the hobgoblins is a hobgoblin sorcerer who’s packing blue-hot electric power.  Bloodmoon also falls during the battle. Then, an uneasy alliance is made between elf, orc and human as Yngvar, an orc, offers to join the party.

6. Leaving Drellin’s Ferry – The party leaves Drellin’s Ferry to deal with the hobgoblin blockade to the north. Along the way, they rescue a young boy from a swarm of flesh eating centipedes.

5. Laucian – Savage smilodons rampage through Drellin’s Ferry which leads the party to investigate a resurgence of cruel animal pit fighting in the village.  Laucian from the Keepers of Eth joins the party to help in their quest of recovering the stolen weapons of legacy.

4. Old Warklegnaw – Our heroes attempt to enlist the aid of forest giants in the upcoming war. An uneasy task due to the ancient grudge the giants have had with the humans.  An old forest giant offers to speak to his tribe if the residents of Drellin’s Ferry are willing to let the giants reclaim their home in the Witchwood.

3.  The Ambush – Having taken control of Skull Gorge Bridge, the heroes must now defend against hobgoblin reinforcements. Unexpected help arrives through one Fengell Bloodmoon, a seasoned tribal warrior from the savage plains.

2. The Battle for Skull Gorge Bridge II – The green dragon Ozyrrandion and the hobgoblins have fallen under the combined might of our heroes, but not without a price. The faithful Krodorn is killed in battle. Still, the question remains: How to destroy Skull Gorge Bridge and prevent the Red Hand from crossing over?

1. The Battle for Skull Gorge Bridge – The fierce battle for Skull Gorge Bridge rages on. Hobgoblins are slain left and right, under the blades and magic of our heroes, but the green dragon Ozyrrandion still offers deadly defiance.


Season 3: Red Hand of Doom

7. Impending Doom – Our heroes discover the gruesome plans of the Red Hand for Elsir Vale. They rush to Drellin’s Ferry to warn the townsfolk of the evil that marches their way.

6. The Manticore, the Wizard and the Bag of Holding – Our heroes face the manticore, the minotaur Karlikan and finally, Wyrmlord Koth.


Season 1: Scourge of the Howling Horde

Our heroes meet each other for the first time – coming from all over Elsir Vale to heed a call for help from Barrow’s Edge – small town which suddenly found itself besieged by goblins.  Soon they discover a wyrmling black dragon has taken command of a small tribe of goblins and has been driving the poor creatures to collect treasure for its hoard.  In a battle with a hobgoblin general, Prytannia is killed.  Reinforcements  arrive the next day and our remaining heroes are able to kill the black dragon and disperse the remnants of the tribe.

2nd Season – Barrow of the Forgotten King

Session 1 – City of Four Winds. Our heroes travel to Four Winds to have Prytannia resurrected, but the costs are beyond their means and leaves them in debt. Iroel suggests seeking out the tomb of the forgotten king, where he believes great treasure could be found.

Session 2 – Kingsholm. Our heroes travel to Kingsholm in search of the tomb of the forgotten king. Along the way, they meet the druid Ahnar’a who seemed to be expecting them. The tomb of the forgotten king will have to wait however for the locals of Kingsholm have a special request for the heroes.

Session 3 – The Beholder’s Puzzle. Our heroes are pierced by poison needles, stumble across an ancient riddle, and redecorate the floor of a chamber of old in order to find the root of the disturbances at the tomb.

Session 4 – Æleryn. Our heroes discover a secret passage from the Kingsholm mausoleum leading deeper underground-possibly the tomb of the forgotten king! They meet the secretive Æleryn and get a zombie fist to the face.

Session 5.

Session 6 – Rematch. Our heroes, rested and re-equipped, return to the tomb for a re-match with the varags. For the first time, they learn name of their enemy and a hint of their purpose in the tomb.

Session 7 – Garjuk the Wererat. Our heroes try to get past the sly and tricky wererat Garjuk. Iroel contracts lycanthropy from the wererat’s bite and they race against time to find a cure.

Session 8 – Krootad. Our heroes catch up with Krootad, one of the leaders of the tomb robbers; a fierce hobgoblin cleric with a penchant for creating undead creatures.

Session 9 – Dark Islands. Our heroes return with proof of Krootad’s death before delving deeper into the tomb. They learn what it takes to get a head in life, learn the wisdom of traveling light, see eye-to-eye with a strange abomination, and are about to find themselves in a sticky situation.

Session 10 – The Labyrinth. Our heroes enter a magical labyrinth. The magic of the labyrinth, once designed to aid good aligned visitors and hedge out evil ones, has faded through time.  Now the labyrinth summons fiends from the lower planes, that viciously attack any creature in its presence.

Session 11 – Demon Fever. Our heroes nearly drown, caught in a water trap that is infested with demonic leeches.  A deadly fever nearly takes the lives of the men, and the party struggles for survival, lost in the tomb, low on food and supplies.

Session 11 – Secret Conversations (Flashback) The party was in the tomb of the forgotten king, lost and low on supplies and many were suffering from demon fever. They had to rest for the night in unfamiliar territory. Iroel could no longer hold his silence and asked Æleryn a question that has been bothering him for days.

Session 12 – Guardian of the Falls (1/4) Our heroes decide not to return to town, despite their dwindling supplies and the wizard’s lack of a spellbook. They save the life of Avaris, a former mercenary of Xeron, who joins them in their effort to hunt down his former employer.

Session 12 – Guardian of the Falls (2/4) Our heroes battle mechanical monstrosities before they can proceed deeper into the tomb. Valthurne and Avaris learn of another great threat to the party…critical hits to your own face.

Session 12 – Guardian of the Falls (3/4) A moral dilemma splits the party when they come across their sleeping enemy. Bam, Valthurne and the new companion Avaris kill three varags in their sleep. Iroel and Prytannia protest but the others feel justified in their actions. Oh and they find a Haversack with some food and supplies, but the bedrolls were now soaked in blood.

Session 12 – Guardian of the Falls (4/4) To prevent the entire tomb from being flooded, one of the heroes has to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Session 13 – The Tomb Spider (1/2) Yet another brave soul joins the group, and  helps them face an army of arachnids together.

Session 13 – The Tomb Spider (2/2) Our heroes face a fully grown tomb spider with a dangerous and unique form of poison.  Prytannia almost kills Bam, the new companion makes an impression, and Iroel discovers the remains of a famous elven historian.

Session 14 – The First, The Forgotten (1/3) After having rested, our heroes leave behind the tomb spider and proceed deeper into the tomb. They discover magical paintings that reveal a piece of history long forgotten… and a possible ancestor.

Session 14 – The First, The Forgotten (2/3) Our heroes battle two undead creatures that serve as a reminder that the price for treachery is suffered long after one’s death.

Session 14 – The First, The Forgotten (3/3) Our heroes meet one who’s name has been purged from history. He seems intent on slaying our heroes, but he has a macabre proposal for one of them.

Session 15 – Call to Betrayal (1/3) Our heroes enter the fight for their lives against the Betrayer, and struggle with an overwhelming evil that threatens to take over their minds.

Session 15 – Call to Betrayal (2/3) The battle with the Betrayer rages on.

Session 15 – Call to Betrayal (3/3): With the Betrayer finally destroyed, our heroes pay their respects for the dead and then finally confront the man they have hunted down for days…Xeron.

Session 16 – Legacy (1/2) – Our heroes battle Xeron and his remaining allies.

Session 16 – Legacy (2/2) – The apparition of Theron, the forgotten king, appears before them. Theron gives Valthurne his legacy sword, Merthuvial and asks the heroes to retrieve the other Weapons of Legacy .

Session 17 – Coming Home – In the tomb, our heroes have faced undead horrors, beasts of steel, a ruthless band or tomb robbers, a powerful cleric and a malevolent sorcerer. Now that they have returned to the surface, they must face their greatest threat yet…an angry mother!

Session 17 (Bonus) – Troop Formation Our heroes realize that in order to survive future battles, they have to work more efficiently as a team. They get together one evening do some training exercises.

Special – Season 2 Awards

3rd Season: Red Hand of Doom

Episode 1 – Fire along the Dawn Way (1/3) – Our heroes return to Kingsholm before journeying forth to Vraath Keep.  But first, a visit to an old fortune teller.

Episode 1 – Fire along the Dawn Way (2/3) – On the way to Drellin’s Ferry, our heroes fight off an ambush of numerous well-armed hobgoblins and accidentally start a forest fire.

Episode 1 – Fire along the Dawn Way (3/3) – The last of the hobgoblin ambush party has been killed, but now a wild forest fire is burning towards Drellin’s Ferry.

Episode 2 – Hermits and Hydras (1/2) –  Once the threat of the fire is over, our heroes are asked for their help to find the cause of the increased goblinoid aggression and put an end to it. All roads, however seem to lead towards Vraath Keep.

Episode 2 – Hermits and Hydras (2/2) –  Our heroes fight off a six-headed hydra with a taste for 120 year old elven flesh.

Episode 3 – Krodorn (1/3) –  Our heroes flee from the hydra only to bump into another dangerous denizen of the Witchwood. Oh, and they make a new friend.

Episode 3 – Krodorn (2/3) – Bam leads an advance scouting party to investigate Vraath Keep. The others contend with a couple of stirges looking for a midnight snack.

Episode 3 – Krodorn (3/3)Our heroes study Vraath Keep from afar to better understand what they are up against. Unfortunately, they learn that things are far worse than they have imagined.

Episode 4 – Karlikan (1/3) –  Eager to learn more about the inhabitants of Vraath Keep, our heroes stage a second reconnaissance mission to scout out the enemy’s numbers.

Episode 4 – Karlikan (2/3)– Our heroes devise a plan to get rid of the dangerous minotaur Karlikan before storming the keep.

Episode 4 – Karlikan (3/3)The battle for Vraath Keep begins.

Episode 5 – Battle for Vraath Keep (1/2) – The last moments of the goblin Magtooth.

Episode 5 – Battle for Vraath Keep (2/2) – The battle for Vraath keep continues.

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