Save a Life, Win Experience Points Promo!

To those of you who missed the game [Season 4 Episode 7], here is a recap of the deaths of Bam and Bloodmoon. Read this and have a chance to win XP or treasure!

Bloodmoon jumped down 30 feet into a dell crawling with hobgoblins. He fell prone after the jump and was instantly surrounded. On his attempt to get up, 3 hobgoblins attacked simultaneously, knocking him unconscious. No party member was able to reach him before his barbarian rage ended, resulting in his death.

Bam’s last moments occurred when a hobgoblin caster, on his turn, made his will save and broke free of the Iroel’s Hold Person. The hobgoblin then cast Lightning Bolt which burned a hole into Bam’s chest, quickly ended Bam’s life.

Adrian however noticed a small error in the way the rules were handled. This got me thinking if I missed another thing. Interestingly I did. Here is a summary of what happened. (Please correct me if i got something wrong) Note that I did not include Bloodmoon’s actions as he is busy being dead at this point.

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Leaving Drellin’s Ferry

Season 4 Episode 6
November 19, 2009

The party leaves Drellin’s Ferry to deal with the hobgoblin blockade to the north. Along the way, they rescue a young boy from a swarm of flesh eating centipedes.

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The Current Party

8th Day of Richfest C.Y. 1215

Bloodmoon jorr elven archer2
Bam Fengell

Iroel Laucian

The coming war has taken its toll early on the party. Krodorn the dwarf has fallen in battle.  Prytannia and Avaris part ways with the party to help defend the first evacuees of Drellin’s Ferry as they travel along the Dawn Way, as well as to return the body of Krodorn to his dwarven home in the mountains.

Two new heroes have stepped up to join the party in their noble quest. The ferocious but silent Fengell Bloodmoon, a barbarian from the savage Northern Plains,  and the stalwart druid Laucian of the Keepers of Eth, sworn defenders of the forests and wild life in the western vale.

But will their combined strength be enough to prevent the coming doom?* Only time shall tell.

*My guess is “no”. 😛

With that in mind, let us ask…

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The Ambush

Crouched low behind the walls of the tower, Iroel was nervous.

He had put Avaris‘ life at great peril.  It was he who suggested Avaris act as bait. The plan was to lure the hobgoblins across the bridge while he the others cut off their escape from behind.

The hobgoblin sergeant barked the order in goblin, but Iroel understood it perfectly. The sergeant was ordering two of his hobgoblin soldiers to grab Avaris, who was perfectly disguised as an unarmed wizard. They were taking the bait!

Iroel could see Jorr on the other tower, silent and motionless as the rocks he was pressed against.

“Now!” cried out Iroel as the soldiers moved in to grab Avaris.

Upon hearing the signal, Valthurne immediately burst through the tents in which he was hiding. The sharp edge of his blade Merthuvial sliced though the tent as if it were parchment. Within seconds he was standing below the hobgoblin sergeant who had a startled look on his face.

valthurne2 Surprise!

The hobgoblin sergeant was startled. Then, a movement in the upper towers caught his eye. Two archers,  had taken position on the north towers and started firing at his men. His gaze darted across the bridge. The man he sent his soldiers after was not a “helpless wizard” at all but a fighting monk, who was now assisted by a well armored woman.

Much too late to re-call his men, he realized what he had walked into….

Akbar It’s a trap!

No, try again

Hobgoblin Sergeant It’s a trap!

Thank you.

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The Battle for Skull Gorge Bridge II


The Fall of Ozyrrandion

6th Day of Richfest.
Skull Gorge Bridge.  Early Morning

All the hobgoblins are slain, many under the deadly twin blades of Bam.  The fight however is far from over. One last defender remains: the formidable green dragon Ozyrrandion.


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Episode 7 – Impending Doom (3/3)


Countdown to Invasion

4th Day of Richfest.
Vraath Keep.  Evening.

Our heroes inform the town council of Drellin’s Ferry of the great evil that is marching their way.


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Episode 7 – Impending Doom (2/3)


The Wyrmlords

4th Day of Richfest.
Vraath Keep.  Dawn.

Valthurne and Iroel probe into Koth’s mind and discover the identity of the leaders of the Red Hand.


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Episode 7 – Impending Doom (1/3)

Wyrmlord Koth

Teaching Mr. Koth

4th Day of Richfest.
Vraath Keep.  Dawn.

Our heroes come to a disagreement on how to extract information on their valued hostage.


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Tales of Escape

Tales of Escape

4th Day of Richfest.
Vraath Keep.  Early Morning

In order to freely explore the rest of Vraath Keep, Valthurne and Krodorn lock up Koth in the war room with the intention of retrieving him on their way out. However, somebody has other plans.


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Episode 6 – The Manticore, the Wizard and the Bag of Holding (3/3)


4th Day of Richfest.
Vraath Keep.  Dawn


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