Iroel Qvasura


Age: 121
Race: Gray Elf
Alignmment: Chaotic Good


Iroel Qvasura is an elf. More precisely a gray elf, a race known for their great intelligence. Iroel is not, and have never been, an exception. From his early childhood, it was clear, that while he was physically very weak, and lacking the characteristically elven grace, he was extremely intelligent, and with great magical aptitude.

Born to Verael and Lirién Qvasura, he grew up in a secluded gray elven kingdom, and so didn’t have much contact with other races except for the gnomes, whom the elves let in, in return for parting some of their knowledge with them. He spent decades of his youth in great libraries, studying tomes on known history, the arcane, the gods, and the worlds unlike our own.

All was not well, though. He began to grow tired of the seclusion of the elves, saying that it was just another old-fashioned, ignorant way to protect themselves from the newer races, instead of helping them, as to prosper in unity. Therefore, on his 100th birthday, while still not an elven adult, he set out on his journey to make the world, in his opinion, a better place.

This brought him to the human kingdoms, where he spent another two decades studying, trying to find out what to do. Now, at the young age of 121, he has decided that his first goal will be to rid the world of the ones who threaten to destroy the peaceful life, with diplomacy if possible, and a little help from magic if it’s not. Of course, he wouldn’t say no to acquiring a few lost tomes in the process.

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