If there’s a specific creature I loathe the most, HOBGOBLINS flash through my mind vividly.

Maybe because my past death was at the hand of one. Maybe its very presence infuriates me. Or maybe it’s just flat out ugly to be left standing. But whichever reason, my first impulse is to just bash its head to pulp.

I’ve been having this strong sense of hatred over hobgoblins that I even failed to heed a companion in dire need of help. So much loathing over their kind has been burning inside that at times I think I might be forgetting what I’m supposed to be here for.

I don’t know if I bash enough hobgoblin heads I’d feel truly satisfied, but as long as I see one, I have full desire to knock it down.

Pelor, deliver me.

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Never have I felt this burning anger against any of our party’s encountered foes. And what surprised me the most is the strong urge to kill/destroy someone.

Bam’s ancestor is an embodiment of evil that every fabric of what I represent loathes and swore to help eradicate.

While I know how hard it must have been for Bam to deal with it, I never had any second thoughts in putting an end to Bam the First’s evil.

It had to end, and it had to end fast…

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Prytannia reflects on the events leading to the encounter with the Betrayer.

I have been adventuring with Bam for a while and I have seen a lot of changes in him for a short period that I know him. I could say that he has grown up and matured so fast (maybe forcedly) with all the encounters he’s had. But none of those past encounters might probably be as heart-wrenching and smack harder than what’s he’s facing right now.

Meeting his namesake, his ancient ancestor BAM the First, and realizing what fate his ancestor fell prey to would really be a hard thing for him to deal with.

His unpredictable behaviour makes me more often proud of him but at times makes me wonder how he’d gotten his way out of most troubles he gets into.

This day, more than ever, I see Bam and I see a whole lot of promise… That I know he’d pull through and not succumb to the same fate his ancestor has fallen into. Because what he decides on cannot ever be reversed, as he saw his forefather’s.

By Pelor I believe this so…

By Pelor I stand by his side…

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Dear Sister…

I should just be so proud of you, for you faced your destiny with resolute calm only a woman of wisdom can…

I should just be glad that you have found your personal lifequest and took it on with certainty and pride…

I should just be thankful that with your sacrifice, all of us have been spared…

I should just be content that I would not have to bear another death amongst us…

But, sister, why can’t I deny that ever will my heart ache for you?

It aches knowing that from here on, I will no longer have you as my mentor in the ways of the wild…

It aches looking at the battlefield without you around, caring for our hurt comrades…

It hurts thinking that whenever I’d look at any body of water, I’d mourn your absence…

It simply hurts because you are no longer around…

I will dearly miss you. And I will always pray that somehow, sometime, I’d see you again and learn more from your wisdom…

My mentor, my heroine, my sister…

Fare thee well…

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This, by far has been the most exhausting and stressful adventure we had. While this is nothing new for us, the party is about to make a decision that one of us would strongly disagree to.

Ahnar’a, (Pelor bless her) and I barely helped with the tending of our sick. We barely have food to move on with the quest and most of the guys are getting low in morale.

I understand the sense of urgency Æleryn has, but I believe it is best for us to go back and refurbish. We might have to convince Æleryn that it is best that we return to town, be as swift with our concerns, and go forward with the quest.

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Blessings, Luck, or Favor?

Now, more than ever, I believe that the things we do as well as outside factors, especially that by the powers that be, have a big effect on the outcome of things that we expect or plan. But it won’t necessarily mean we have become less or more of the beings that we are. That part we decide for ourselves.
Alas, my friend, Val, while I know he meant it as a joke, felt really bad about the turn of events through those labyrinthine halls. If I didn’t sense a hint of sarcasm in his tone, I’d have believed he has really lost hope during that encounter.

I admit it’s quite a new experience for me, seeing monstrosities so foul and so otherworldly. But I had faith in Val because come easy or hard quests, he is still the steadfast fighter that he is. So I put my faith in him as fellow man-at-arms as I put my faith in Pelor for assuring us we’re mere mortals, yet we’ll be all right.

I might have not been of much help directly in the fray, but I know that putting my faith in my companions means the same as putting my faith in myself.

Pelor be praised.

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Nothing to fear but fear itself…

Funny how we used to hear people say that we should fear the living more than the dead. For whatever intent this has been said, it sure is a wonder not everyone in the realm is as wary of everyone else like those people living in the United Societies of Andalusia. Where people, while quite reasonably favored with the best of advancements and convenience, were bred in fear.

In the last encounter, I was witness to one form of fear… that which is magically induced. While this has been discussed and taught to us at Pelor’s temple, I haven’t really seen it at work in full swing.

Valthurne fell prey over a “cause fear” spell from a foul hobgoblin necromancer priest. I have underestimated this spell and witnessed to how much it could disrupt, even tip the scales to the enemy’s favor.

I should have gone to a rage at the time, as I saw another of those kind that has easily felled me. But Pelor has taught me a valuable lesson about control of one’s feelings. And that has played a big role in the way I dealt with my situation then.

I have to say that I was in near panic when I felt myself being close to unconsciousness again, what with the flurry of continued hits from the confounded animated deads. I guess it’s not as much as fear of death but fear of a waste of life. I, now more than ever, know the value of life. And I know I can still do so much more in the service of Pelor and all that embodies good in the realm.

My mentor once told me that we should acknowledge fear, even welcome it. For it is there for but one reason…

To be conquered…

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Journal of Prytannia uth Rivan

It’s amazing what death does. It makes you value life, however noble or insignificant one might consider it as.

I’m one of those few beings who have passed away but fortunate enough to have been given chance at life again through resurrection. I practically and literally owe my life to this band of companions I’m adventuring with, out and about on simple errands/quests.

While part of the reason for our further adventuring is to be able to return a huge sum that was borrowed for my resurrection, I believe all of us in this band are out seeking answers. May they be general, to satisfy common curiosities, or deep-seated personal ones.

Since early childhood until my coming of age, I have always wondered what it would be like roaming the countryside. I have lived my whole life within the confines and protection of Pelor under the care of my mother and our brothers and sisters in the faith. While training and discipline have been part of my life since my mother has dedicated me to Pelor, I feel most strongly that I’m still but a little girl without knowledge nor experience of the world outside.

I think it’s probably due to my mother’s being overprotective of me. To this day she hasn’t told me why she’s always on the alert when we get out of the confines of Pelor’s temple. I was rarely allowed to go out and socialize with friends outside the Order throughout my stay at Pelor’s care.

While I’m used to and have been cared for enough not to want, deep down I yearn for answers about my father. My mom has forbidden me to even ask about him. All she said was that he was dead long before I was born. Yet something tells me my father’s still alive. I can sense it deep within the recesses of my consciousness. And somehow I know in time I’d find the answers, I’d find him. But in order to do so, I need to start by getting out and knowing the ways of the world firsthand.

For some reason, that goal might have distracted me from my immediate mission, and Pelor has given me a big wakeup call when I was mercilessly slain by a hobgoblin.

I have vague memories of that encounter. Actually most of the things in my past life I have yet to recall and piece together.

But for now, having been given a new lease at life, I yield to the teachings and requirements of Pelor as I assist my friends and companions in our present quest. If Pelor sees me fit and deserving, maybe someday I’d be able to find answers.

For I know when I do find them, a hidden part of my being would be unlocked and unbound.

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