Leaving Drellin’s Ferry

Season 4 Episode 6
November 19, 2009

The party leaves Drellin’s Ferry to deal with the hobgoblin blockade to the north. Along the way, they rescue a young boy from a swarm of flesh eating centipedes.


After the party is reunited at the end of the day, difficult decision has to be made. Should they first rendezvous with the Twist-Tusk giants in the Witchwood? Should they head towards the blockade immediately? Should they simply stay behind and assist in the evacuations, protecting the refugees along the Dawn Way?

The Twist-Tusk Treaty

The party decides (3-2) that there is no time to head back into the Witchwood. They decided to head over to the blockade to the north immediately.

Valthurne then  makes arrangements for two druids to  head over to old Warklegnaw‘s home in the Witchwood to deliver the message that the residents of Drellin’s Ferry is willing to enter into a peace treaty with the Twist-Tusk tribe.  The original plan was to send an animal messenger, but Laucian pointed out the unlikelihood that a 30 foot tall forest giant will notice a rabbit with a scroll tied to its neck.


Before leaving, Iroel advises the locals to burn their crops (again with the burning)  in order to prevent the horde from using their crops to supply the army as it marches west.

DM Note: The following section was added ex post facto.

Soranna gives an almost teary goodbye to Bam. Town Speaker Wiston thanks the party profusely for their help and calls on Brother Derny, the local cleric of Pelor to bless the party for their dangerous journey ahead.  Wiston is also able to get some of the merchants to give the party some gifts to thank them for their help, and to aid in the success of their mission in the days to come:

Likewise, the Keepers of Eth donates

The Swarm

The party rides towards the blockade at full gallop, stopping every now and then to assist some of the refugees they pass along the way.  It is sometime  noon when they hear the screams of a woman and a child. A mother and her 8 year old boy were traveling by wagon to the west when they stumbled upon the nest of a centipede swarm.

Jorr on horseback rushes to the mother and child to try to get them on the horse to carry them to safety. However, thousands upon thousands of the creepy crawlies enveloped Jorr and the pair within seconds. Jorr is only able to get away with the boy.

Bloodmoon rushes to the mother and picks her up on his muscular shoulders, and tries to carry her off to safely as he himself becomes covered in the crawling things.

Laucian creates a flaming sphere which is very effective in burning away large chunks of the swarm. Iroel and Bam threw vials of acid into the swarm, dissolving hundreds of centipedes into a green paste. When the acid supply is depleted, Bam, Valthurne and Bloodmoon start thrusting burning torches at the swarm until it dissipates.

DM Note: Big mistake on my part. The centipede swarm does  NOT take double damage from fire and takes only 50% damage from area attacks such as thrown acid. So you got away easy on this one. I’m sorry of depriving you the chance of almost dying.  Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you next time.

With the last of the centepeedes scurrying off into the underbrush, Laucian checks on the mother and comes to the sad realization that the mother is already dead, killed within moments of sustaining hundreds of insect bites earlier.

Mo’ Encounters, Mo’ Problems

Iroel conducts a burial ritual for the mother while Valthurne tries to comfort the poor boy a short distance ahead. However, Iroel’s ritual is interrupted as he spots several pairs of eyes watching him beyond the line of trees…worg riders!

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