Fengell BloodMoon



Race: Human
Class: Barbarian

Joining the Party

The lone barbarian Fengell was captured by a band of hobgoblins serving the Red Hand. [Season 4 Episode 3] The hobgoblin sergenant, instead of killing Fengell outright , foolishly decided that he would have a little fun. He would bring the young barbarian to Skull Gorge Bridge.  There he would be hunted for sport to wile away the time while they waited for the Red Hand to arrive.

However, when the hogbolins arrived at Skull Gorge Bridge with their prisoner, the party already had an amubush laying in wait.

During the battle, Fengell broke free of his bonds and assisted in the quick extermination of his former captors.

Fengell impressed the party with his strength and deadly skill with the dwarven waraxe.  He won the confidence, of the party easily: especially Valthurne, who personally witnessed the determination of Fengell in the battlefield against the hobgoblins.

Shortly after joining the party, he proved himself time and again by risking his life fearlessly wading into battle, twin axes held high, in defending the party against a chimera [Season 4 Episode 4], as well as the helping save the  residents of Drellin’s Ferry against raging smilodons [Episode 5].

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