Baryn Marapalous Sigorian XXIII


Race: Half-Elf


In the beginning, there was Baryn Marapalous Sigorian XXIII. But way before that there were more Baryn Marapalous Sigorian (or Baryn Marapalous Sigorii)

Baryn Marapalous Sigorian XXIII hails from the line of Valum’s Sigorians. While Sigorian fathers had many children of different sexes, only one child recieved the Baryn Marapalous Name. Throughout History, the Sigorian line namebearer changed the nick name depending on the current nomenclature trend. From Barb, to Baram to Pal to the current bearer’s Bam.

The Sigorian line was a long line of farmers originated from Valum. Valum’s in accesibility ensured that the entire town of Valum was composed to 8 neighbors who saw each other every few weeks and whose offsprings intermarried almost to the point of in breeding. A famine in the land caused the farmers to migrate to lands the neighboring villages.

Life with the Party

Bam’s journey began when he met a charismatic old traveler along a road, who told him of adventure to be found in Barrow’s Edge: a town facing a goblin threat under the influence of a black dragon wyrmling named Noak, and her hobgoblin general called Darax.

It was in the battle with Darax that Bam’s comrade Prytannia was killed. Feeling the burden of responsibility, Bam helped bring Prytannia’s body to Four Winds to be ressurected.

Now in debt for the costly resurrection, Bam travels with the party to find treasure that will hopefully put them out of debt.

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