Laucian’s Diary: Leaving with Strangers

7th Day of Richfest

I cannot believe I was roped into this pathetic band. Their leader, or so it seems, is too preoccupied with making a deal with the giants that have long since abandoned their home to see the urgency of action. Their wizard, the one that burned our forest was reluctant to perform a simply attonement and only went through with it after a lot of coaching from Ereb.

Ereb wants me to accompany these people? The horde is approaching swiftly. It is with a heavy heart that I agreed to this. I only hope that along the way I find some way of protecting my home from the brutality of the horde, though in my heart I know I will not make it back in time to do so.

9th Day of Richfest

On our way east, we happened upon a mother and her child. Unfortunately we also found a swarm or two of very hungry centipedes. Clearly, the people I’m forced to deal with have never hand to handle a swarm or anything before. I was able to keep the swarm at bay with my flaming sphere, but sadly the boy’s mother didn’t survive. The boy cries insessantly. How could a parent not explain the circle of life to him by now? City life is ignorance of life.

My confidence in this group is dwindling. What I believed to be a simple pack of goblins on worgs, turned out to be force to be reconned with. The battle was simply one bad decision after another. The one called Bloodmoon, hurled himself into the midst of the hobgoblin leaders and was severely beaten. In a vain attempt to assist, the brainless oaf Valthurne, wielder of Merthuvial, charged in to assist. The wizard moved in and left me to fend off a pair of worgs and their goblin riders, a pair of fire hounds, and the hobgoblin peppering me with arrows. Luckily, Smiley was at my side and while I was forced to use every ounce of healing, we survived.

I see it now that this group lack any sort of rational thought. They foolishly charge into situations they cannot handle with no concept of teamwork. Jorr and the one known only as Bam seem like the only intelligent ones in the whole group.

If things werent bad enough, an orc showed its face and presumably assisted us briefly towards the end of the battle. Odd that Jorr comes runing after it to warn us and yet he seems to know him.

10th Day of Richfest

I’m having mixed feeling about the orc. On the one hand, orcs are known for their mistreatment of nature, yet this one has not shown any such tendancies.

We came across some villagers fleeing Drellin’s Ferry. They were woefully under protected for such a jouney so I proposed giving them what items they could use from out encounter with the hobgoblins. I was relatively surprised by the generousity of the others when they agreed. Never before have I witnessed such concern of others well-being by the city-folk; unless they are getting something out of it.

We encountered a pitily group of bandits. These people clearly didn’t know what they were doing. If they did they would have known to pick their targets better. Six against four is not a fight you can ealisy win. Even though they laid an ambush, which can be a good tactic when faced with superior numbers, they failed to utilize their advantage well. They gave away their position well before they should have. They might have been successful if they had waited and launched their attack from both sides and all at once, catching us offguard. As is was we were tipped off by Smiley’s superior predatory instincts.

While defending ourselves, the Mustached man who seemed to be in charge was dealt a killing blow. The orc allowed one to escape but the other two were forced to surrender. The woman’s incessant blubbering quickly lead to the orc knocking her unconscious; and for that I’m thankful. I proposed a deal to the other captive. We would not turn him over to the authorities who would likely execute him, if he agreed to assist us. He barely had time to agree to my terms before the orc pummeled him as well – now that was just uncalled for. Now bound and stripped of their possessions, especially anything that could be used as a weapon, it is my belief that they pose no further threat to us at this time.

Now we continue on to the next town.

Note to self: I have given them fair warning and if they try anything I will not hesitate to kill them.

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