Save a Life, Win Experience Points Promo!

To those of you who missed the game [Season 4 Episode 7], here is a recap of the deaths of Bam and Bloodmoon. Read this and have a chance to win XP or treasure!

Bloodmoon jumped down 30 feet into a dell crawling with hobgoblins. He fell prone after the jump and was instantly surrounded. On his attempt to get up, 3 hobgoblins attacked simultaneously, knocking him unconscious. No party member was able to reach him before his barbarian rage ended, resulting in his death.

Bam’s last moments occurred when a hobgoblin caster, on his turn, made his will save and broke free of the Iroel’s Hold Person. The hobgoblin then cast Lightning Bolt which burned a hole into Bam’s chest, quickly ended Bam’s life.

Adrian however noticed a small error in the way the rules were handled. This got me thinking if I missed another thing. Interestingly I did. Here is a summary of what happened. (Please correct me if i got something wrong) Note that I did not include Bloodmoon’s actions as he is busy being dead at this point.

Round 14

Iroel – Bleeds out more life…
Hobgoblin Caster (Blinded, Entangled, Mirror Image – 1 remaining) – Readies a Lightning Bolt to the first person that attacks him in melee
Jorr – Shoots an arrow at something
Val (prone) – Administers a potion to Iroel beside him.
Laucian – Does something
Fleshraker – Does something
Bam – Attacks the Hobgoblin caster. Rolls percentile and hits the right one (not the Mirror Image). The attack deals damage and triggers the readied Lightning Bolt. However, Caster fails concentration check due do damage from Bam’s attack. Lightning Bolt fizzles

Round 15

Iroel (prone)- Gets up. Knows which Mirror Image is real due to Bam’s last attack. Casts Hold Person on Hobgoblin Caster; caster fails save; caster is paralyzed
Hobgoblin Caster (Blinded, Entangled, Mirror Image – 1 remaining, Paralyzed) – On his turn, makes a new save against the Hold Person. He is successful and breaks free. Casts Lightning Bolt in Bam’s direction. He knows where Bam is standing based on the last attack. Caster makes successful concentration checks against being entangled (DC 18), and for casting defensively (DC 18). Bam fails save; Lightning Bolt pulverizes Bam. Bam is dead. Caster moves away, shuffling back into his Mirror Image.
Jorr – Does something
Val (prone) – gets up and moves towards the caster
Laucian – In a fumble, fires an arrow into his own eye. He drops.
Fleshraker – Runs back to his master
Bam (DEAD)

Round 16

Iroel – Casts Acid Splash, but misses
Hobgoblin Caster (Blinded and Entangled) – Readies another Lightning Bolt.
Jorr – Administers Cure Moderate Wounds Potion on Laucian. Laucian is awake.
Val – Drops sword and shield, quickdraws a bow and fires and arrow at the Hobgoblin Caster; misses
Laucian (prone) – Gets up, fires an arrow at Hobgoblin Caster, but hits a Mirror Image (the last one). Mirror Image disappears.
Fleshraker – Charges. Full round attack. Hits the caster with 1 claw and 1 rake attack. Caster drops.
Bam (DEAD)

Adrian noticed that the Hobgoblin Caster should have changed his initiative due to taking a readied action, triggered by Bam’s action. However, this alone would not change the outcome. The caster would still have acted (right before) before Bam. The results would be the same. But there is another error I made that might save Bam’s life if handled correctly.

Consider this a puzzle. A bonus will be given to the first person who spots the mistake that can save Bam’s life.  Bonus will be a small gift from me and whatever Bam adds to the pot (XP or items from Bam). It is his life after all that is on the line, so Bam might want to increase the incentive. Offer valid only till Thursday. 😀

P.S. I can offer a Bloodmoon’s Death puzzle also if Sage is interested in keeping Bloodmoon alive.

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  1. I just thought I would mention, what the gift from me would be. I will randomly generate a list of 8 minor wondrous items. The one who solves the puzzle will get to pick which of the 8 randomly selected items will appear on the hobgoblin loot, as well as first pick of the loot 🙂 Check here for a list of the available minor wondrous items.

  2. I was just looking for games on and got hooked into yours. I am kinda new to D&D so Im looking on how to play it well when i find a game. If you want i think i know what the answer is by reading you tutorials. I can answer if you would like.

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