Announcement for Episode 3

Well guys, it’s finally done. After a long arduous battle, the elusive and deadly Ozyrrandion is dead.

But I have got to say, that has got to be the longest short battle. The battle took about 38 rounds. That’s barely 4 minutes of in-game time.

Let’s see.

We started combat back in November 2008, and because of a long break, resumed combat in October 2009.  Basically we accomplished 4 minutes of in-game action in 11 months.

An now for the announcements.


This week in Red Hand of Doom:

Time is running out! The Red Hand is expected to cross Skull Gorge Bridge in two days. Will our heroes keep control over the bridge long enough for Prytannia to destroy its foundations with Stone Shape in the morning?

Tune in on Thursday, October 29, 2009 for the continuation of the Red Hand of Doom. Check your local time for airdates:

5 or 6 am*
2 pm – Denmark and Germany
9 pm – Philippines

*I don’t know when you roll back your clocks in the US, so just base it on 14:00 (GMT+1)

Some announcements:

  • A new player will be joining us on Thursday
  • I forgot to say that Ozy had loot on him. I’ll give you time to look over them before we start combat with the hobgoblin patrol
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