Episode 6 – The Manticore, the Wizard and the Bag of Holding (1/3)


The Manticore and the Wizard

4th Day of Richfest.
Vraath Keep.  Before sunrise.


Prytannia‘s heavy mace crashed into the hobgoblins helmet. The impact of the blow lifted the hobgoblin off his feet by a few inches before he crashed to the ground lifeless.

“Incoming!” screamed Bam, pointing to the sky.

Prytannia knew what was incoming coming.  She raised her shield and prepared for impact. Two black bone-like spikes crashed into her steel shield and fell to the ground at her feet.  She lowered her shield and glared angrily at the manticore on the rooftops.  By Pelor’s mercy, how much longer could we withstand this barrage? thought the young cleric.

The manticore preened herself and shook her tail spikes threateningly at the warriors in the courtyard below.

Meanwhile, Valthurne was on another rooftop across the courtyard holding on to a rope which the nervous wizard Iroel was desperately trying to climb up. He wasn’t making as much progress as Valthurne had hoped, for the unalthletic elf kept slipping and loosing his grip.

A deep growl from the manticore caught Valthurne‘s attention. Here come the spikes again, Valthurne thought. Sure enough, another set of spikes flew in the air. Valthurne could not raise his shield without letting go of the rope. The only thing he could do was press himself against the wall, barely avoiding the next volley of spikes that whirled towards him.

GM’s Note: Something about Valthurne holding down a rope while Iroel desperately trying to climb it sounds very familiar.

GM’s Note 2: Ok, I just checked the link I provided earlier and it was Bam who was holding up the rope Iroel was climbing.

Iroel had finally scaled the wall and was safely in the inner wall of the keep with Valthurne. Although safely might have been a great misjudgment.

The manticore unfolded her great leathery wings, took to the air and flew across the courtyard, landing a moment later right in front of Valthurne.  The stalwart soldier immediately drew Merthuvial, the legacy sword if his ancestor. Merthivual glowed with its bright red light, illuminating the beast in front of Valthurne while Valthurne lashed at the manticore with all his might, slicing open its underbelly.

The manticore was furious. It rose on its hind legs, spread its leathery wings, towerning over Valthurne in the moonlight night. It then pounced on Valthurne, toppling him to the ground. Two sets of claws and a vicious set of teeth tore through Valthurne’s armor and flesh mercilessly.


Iroel looked at Valthurne, the man who had saved his life so many times, often at the risk of his own. Now that man was going to be ripped to shreds unless he could do something. Despite his better logic, Iroel ran to the edge of the battlements and climbed over the wall and balanced himself on the top wall.

“Here! Come get me here!” Iroel taunted the manticore.

The manticore looked up and released Valthurne, who by now ceased moving.  She looked at the strange morsel balancing itself on the battlements calling out to her.  She decided to take the challenge.  She unfolded her wings and took to the air, claws forward ready to slash the defenseless wizard’s skin.

Iroel‘s heart skipped a beat as he saw the huge beast lunging forward at him. (Eeep!) He tried to jump out of the way but lost his footing on the crumbling battlements.  Soon he found himself falling back down the walls of the keep (The return trip is always faster).

The elf wizard landed with a thick and very painful thud. I’m still alive! was the first thought that flashed through his mind. The manticore glided down after him. …But not for long was his second thought.


Meanwhile back in the rooftop, with the manticore gone, Prytannia was able to climb up the roof and tend to Valthurne’s wounds. “Thank Pelor he is still alive!” said Prytannia as she cast her much needed healing spell.

“Where’s Iroel?” wondered Valthurne groggily once he regained consciousness. He was still badly wounded but out of critical danger thanks to Prytannia‘s magic.

“I believe he’s outside the keep with Bam and Avaris,” replied the red haired cleric. “Still fighting the manticore.”

“I must help them,” said Valthurne, painfully trying to stand up.

“Your not fully well yet,” interrupted Prytannia. “Let me cast another…”

“No time,” interrupted Valthurne. Ignoring the pain, he quickly slid down the ladder, brought out his longspear and rushed outside the keep.


Outside the keep, the manticore was decimating the offensive efforts of Bam and Avaris. Another swipe of its claws took Bam out of the fight. It then it turned its full attention to the monk. Avaris’s agility could not save him from the raw speed of the manticore.  Soon avaris was also dying at the manticore’s feet.

The manticore turned around and licked its lips as it faced Iroel. The helpless wizard was still on the ground, a broken wrist and ankle, unable to defend himself with the crossbow uselessly propped against his arms.

I’m dead. Iroel thought.

Just then Valthurne charged out of the keep.

“Remember me?” He yelled as charged forward and and sank the spear deep into the heart of the manticore. The manticore gave a ferral growl as it defiantly lashed its claws at Valthurne with all its might, but Valthurne kept it at bay with the length of the spear.  Then, with a savage cry Valthurne drove the spear deeper into the manticore’s heart. Finally, the manticore slumped  to the ground and remained still.


Memorable Quotes

Iroel: (OoC) Valthurne, I need you to delay until after my turn
The manticore lands right infront of Valthurne, 10 feet away from Iroel
Iroel: (Ooc): On second thought, don’t delay…
Valthurne: (OoC) Ya think!?

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