Session 21 – Karlikan (3/3)

The battle for Vraath Keep begins.

What’s Our Backup Plan?

4th Day of Richfest.
Vraath Keep.  Before sunrise.

The gods must hate me! Valthurne thought as he hastily grabbed another arrow. He really hoped the first arrow would silence the guard, but it only seemed to make him more resolute to sound the alarm.

Valthurne fired a second arrow and struck the hobgoblin again in the chest, but the hobgoblin remained standing.

“We need him silenced!” Valthurne called out in frustration as he prepared yet another arrow.

“I have to get closer,” Bam said as he pulled out a javelin. “Iroel, where is that distraction you promised?”

“Not now,” was the wizard’s short reply.

“What!?” Bam glared at Iroel who was still crouched under a bush. “He’s about to alert the whole keep!” hissed Bam.

“By the sounds of the baying worgs coming from inside the keep, it would appear that they are already alerted of our presence,” was the wizard’s reply, still not moving from his hiding place.

True enough, a second later, two goblin worg riders sprang through the front gates ready for battle. They each took a position beside the hobgoblin sentry, their bowstrings pulled back and as far as their short arms could allow.

“They’re in the bushes,” growled the hobgoblin “Let your worgs feast on them!”

The worgs howled in anticipation for their meal.

“And now,” Iroel calmy announced to Bam, “Here is your distraction.” The young wizard suddenly stood up, began chanting strange words and held an arm upwards towards at their enemy. He was holding something in his palm. Bam squinted to see what it was. A spider web! Bam saw this spell in action before. He knew what was coming.

All around the front gates, a magical web suddenly spun into existence, wrapping its thick rope-like fibers around the worgs, goblins, and hobgoblin sentry.

The hobgoblin sentry was too busy trying to break free of the web to notice the Bam, the half-elven ranger, sneaking up on his flank. The hobgoblin would unfortunately not live long enough to learn never to take your eyes of a ranger who hunts goblinoids for a living.  A well aimed javelin pierced the armor and penetrated the chest of the ill-fated hobgoblin. He clutched the sharp projectile in his hands and fell over into the silvery threads of the web.

“Good throw Bam!” cheered Prytannia. “Now we must save Valthurne!” she called out as she charged out from trees towards the web-entangled worg riders.

All the other companions gasped. There were two things wrong with the pretty lady’s logic. One, she was running towards the area of the web spell, about to be entangled in it herself. The other thing was, Valthurne needed no saving. In fact he was right behind Prytannia when she began her charge.  But there was little anyone could do to stop the fiery tempered lady in a half-plate as she was dove into battle.

Prytannia stopped short of the web and she swung her heavy mace at a worg with the full momentum of her charge. She knocked several teeth from the surprised worg’s mouth. The worg gave a wail of pain as teeth and blood spilled in all directions.  The worg’s rider stabbed the raging cleric trying to keep her away from his mount. The worg chewed at Prytannia‘s leg with his remaining teeth and tried to pull her to the ground, but the young cleric of Pelor would have none of it. She kicked off the worg’s weakened bite and readied her mace for another attack.

GM’s Note: Prytannia, we thank you for your valor, but do pay attetnion to where your companions are before charging out in the open 😀

Bam was getting ready to hurl another javelin when a moonlit shadow suddenly fell over him. He turned his head up and he almost dropped his javelin. He could only see its outline for the moon was behind it, but the danger was clear enough…

A winged creature had just perched atop the walls of Vraath Keep!

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