Get to Know Your Cleric

Prytannia Uth Rivan

Primary Motivator Beneficence; Discovery
Emotional Disposition
Moodiness Even-tempered Sexuality
Core Traits Orientation Hetero
Outlook Optimistic Libido Healthy
Integrity Conscientious Expressiveness Modest
Impulsiveness Spontaneous Expressive Style Romantic
Boldness Intrepid Openness to Experience Moderate
Flexibility Flexible Promiscuousness Monogamous
Affinity Warm Religion & Spirituality
Comportment Agreeable Adherence Casual Adherent
Interactivity Engaging Tolerance Tolerant
Disclosure Candid Expression of beliefs Occasional
Conformity Conventional Converting others Casual
Sense of Humor Gleeful Attitude Humble
Topics of Conversation Religion, Relationship, Philosophy, Humor
Quirks, Habits, & Oddities Daydreaming, Needless Apologizing
Hobbies & Enjoyments

Character matrix used was from Ash’s Guide to RPG Character Personality and Background. Check link provided for a more detailed explanation of terms.

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