Session 20 – Krodorn (2/3)

Bam leads an advance scouting party to investigate Vraath Keep. The others contend with a couple of stirges looking for a midnight snack.

Sleep and Shopping

1st Day of Richfest.
Dawn Way. 2 miles south from Vraath Keep. Sunrise.

Our heroes spend the night in an abandoned farmhouse to recover from a near disastrous battle with the grey render. They decide that they are not very well prepared for any sort of siege into the Vraath Keep. They hotfoot it back to Drellin’s Ferry at the break of dawn to get some supplies.

1st Day of Richfest.
Drellin’s Ferry. Early Afternoon.

Returning to town, they discover that townspeaker Wiston has arranged for some supplies to aid our heroes in their mission.  Iroel scribes a couple of spells of Cure Light Wounds. Everybody else stocks up on healing supplies.


2nd Day of Richfest.
Abandoned Farmhouse. 2 miles south of Vraath Keep.
Past midnight.

It was almost midnight when our heroes arrived back at the abandoned farmhouse. Bam, Jorr and Avaris decide to scout out Vraath Keep ahead of the party.

Meanwhile back in the abandoned farmhouse, drawn by the warmth emanating from our remaining heroes’ bodies in the cool summer night, stirges flew in through the windows and broken tiles of the old farmhouse, and sank their needle noses into our tasty heroes.

GM’s Note: They have got to be pretty tasty. They’ve had all sorts of beasts trying to eat them the whole time they were in the Witchwood.

Valthurne and Krodorn each struggled with a stirge that had a death grip on their necks. Prytannia tried as hard as she could to pull the stirges from her companions. Her efforts were in vain. The stirges had hooked their pincers deep into and flesh and would not let go until they were satisfied with their meal, or the host was dead. Whichever came first.

Valthurne drew his dagger and stabbed the parasitic monster that clung to his neck, then ripped it of him when he felt its grip weaken.

Meanwhile Iroel‘s mind raced as he tried to think of how to prevent the other stirges from entering the house. He remembered the fishing net he had in Valthurne‘s pack. He pulled out the net and cast it over an stirge that was diving in for its drink. Not an expert at casting fishing nets on land against creature that are in the air, (but then who is?) but luck favored Iroel this day as the net caught the stirge and dragged it down in a tangle of rope and fiber.

Soon all the stirges were dead except for the one under the net and the one latched on to Krodorn.

“Hold still,” Iroel warned as he drew a flask of acid from his pack.

Krodorn‘s eyes widened when he realized what the wizard was about to do “Are you mad!? Keep that away from me!”

“I only need to land a few drops so it will let go” Iroel explained, open flask of acid in hand.

“Get that acid away from my face!” shrieked Krodorn as he lashed left and right trying to pull the stirge who had an unbelievably strong grip on his neck. Finally, frustrated, he just tried to punch it with his fist. Surprisingly it worked and squished the bloody thing against his neck.

Bam’s Report

2nd Day of Richfest.
Abandoned Farmhouse. 2 miles south of Vraath Keep.
A few hours past midnight.

Bam, Avaris and Jorr returned from the scouting mission surprised to to see a couple of dead stirges on the floor and two more under a fishing net.

“Long story,” Iroel grinned.

“Glad to see you’re all safe,” Valthurne warmly greeted them. After they had settled in, Valthurne asked “What did you find out there?”

Bam drew a map of the keep’s surroundings.

“The keep is mostly in ruin, but is still a formidable structure,” Bam explained. “The walls rise 20 feet from the ground with archer slots on the upper and some of the lower levels. The main entrance leads to a wide courtyard in the middle of the keep. I did not see any sentries, but that is not a guarantee it is not guarded.”

“A large portion of the southern wall has crumbled,” Bam pointed to the lower part of his sketch. “The opening is large enough for a person to climb through. I believe it also leads to the courtyard. I could not come in for a closer look. I almost got spotted by a sentry inside.”

“There are at least half a dozen goblins and hobgoblins there.” Bam drew X’s on where he thought there were goblinoids.  “I could only hear their voices from the perimeter but I believe there are many more inside. But based on the tracks leading to the keep, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had worgs there too”

The worgs had Valthurne worried.  He knew no matter how silent or well hidden they approached the keep, it would only take a quick sniff from the sharp senses of these beasts to betray their presence.

Valthurne was deep in thought.

“We need to set up camp where we can watch the keep for at least a day,” Valthurne began. “We need to know who goes in and out.  We have to know what we are up against.”

“I’ll think I know a good spot,” Bam nodded “I saw it on the way down. Come.”

to be continued

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