Session 20 – Krodorn (1/3)

Our heroes flee from the hydra only to bump into another dangerous denizen of the Witchwood. Oh, and they make a new friend (pictured above).

Krodorn the Crunchy

28th Day of Wealsun.
Dawn Way. 2 miles south from Vraath Keep. Late afternoon.

Our heroes pressed northward. They wanted as much distance between them and the hydra. It may have given up pursuit now, but there’s no saying when it will decide to pick up the scent once again. A creature with six – well now only four – heads would surely have quite an appetite. But the Witchwood was a dangeours place, and running from one creature usually meant you were running nearer another one.

The forward scouts, Bam and Jorr were 60 feet ahead. They kept at a light jog while keeping an eye open for ambushes. They suddenly stopped.

Valthurne wondered what happened, but his heart raced when he saw Bam and Jorr draw their weapons.

Jorr was screaming something which Valthurne tried to make sense of. Gay bender!? Valthurne thought. What the heck is a gay bender? Wondered Valthurne as he ran up to Bam and Jorr and drew his own sword.

Iroel pulled up his robes and tried to keep up with Valthurne who suddenly sprinted forward. He heard and understood Jorr the first time but he hoped that he had been mistaken. His legs were weary from the long hike but he did not want to trail behind.  Soon he caught sight of what had all the others in a state of panic.

A massive brute was bounding towards them. It’s gray leathery skin was cut by several deep gashes. A dozen arrows were buried deep into the beast’s flesh. But despite this, the beast did not look like it was dying. Massive muscular arms as thick as tree trunks ended in long black claws stained in blood. A large mouth, lined with several rows of teeth howled a blood curling growl that filled the air with dread.

“Gray render!” screamed Iroel as he saw the hulking beast barreling down the road towards them.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!” Jorr screamed back.

Battle In Bullet Boints

  • They notice for the first time Krodorn, a dwarven rogue/fighter the gray render had been after all along. Earlier today Krodorn’s dwarven party were waylaid by a hobgoblin ambush. The dwarves killed most of the hobgoblins, but took heavy casualties as well. They were on their way south back to their homes when a grey render picked up their trail and decided a dwarven party would make an excellent evening meal. The render killed the remainder of the dwarven party except for Krodorn, who fled and ran as fast as his 20ft tactical speed could allow.
  • Avaris, Bam, Valthurne and Krodorn waste no time in flanking the beast and attacking it with all their might.
  • The grey render was already badly wounded from the fight with Krodorn‘s party but was still pretty deadly. A bite-claw-claw rips through Valthurne and puts him out of the fight.
  • Bam calls for healing as he drops both his swords. He then draws his ancestor’s bastard sword and slices through the beast with a devastating two handed blow.
  • The gray render returns the favor and claw-claws Bam into a convulsing, bleeding pile of half-elf flesh.
  • Jorr tries to fire arrows into the grey render but Krodorn is in his way. (Render has cover relative to Jorr because of Krodorn.)
  • Iroel asks how Krodorn, a dwarf, provides cover for a hulking beast such has a render.
  • The GM says the dwarf provides cover the same way a large fig leaf provides cover for a naked person.
  • Krodorn thinks about this and develops a mental image that scars him for life.
  • Prytannia, out of healing spells does what she does best: ATTACK! She charges the gray render and smashes the beast across the skull, probably erasing its childhood memories with the blow.
  • The beast tries tear Prytannia in half but but looses his balance (Critical Fumble!) in the attack.  It is unable to attack next round as a consequence.
  • Avaris and Krodorn continue to flank the creature, chopping and slicing whenever they can.
  • Finally, Avaris drives his kama though the underside of the gray renders jaw. The tip pierces its brain. It gives an anguished growl then drops to the ground, nearly dead.
  • Krodorn calls coup de grâce.
  • Krodorn seems like a trustworthy fellow and is invited to join the party.

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