8 Tips for Making the Most of your Ranger

By special request, here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your ranger.

Dear New Customer,

Thank you for your purchase of the BAM-CN-RGR5. The BAM-CN-RGR5 is a multi-purpose model that can be used for stealth, reconnaissance as well as combat. Customer service has informed us that this is your first purchase with us. So here are some of our recommendations on how to maximize the use of your BAM-CN-RGR5. Remember, the BAM-CN-RGR5 works best if actions are well coordinated with other party members.

1. Track

Your BAM-CG-RGR5 comes pre-installed with Track function which will allow you not only to track creatures but also be able to tell what kind of creatures has been passing the area recently. Quite useful if you want to know if your chosen campsite happens to be frequented by velociraptors. You can also find out how many and what kind of creatures are waiting for you in the room beyond with a good roll.

Track does not only work outdoors. There are many indicators that a good tracker can read indoors: Scratches made by metal boots/armor on stone floors, footprints made from oily or muddy boots on carpets, stands of hair, displaced dust etc.

Don’t hesitate to use the Track feat. It hardly costs anything.

2. Stakeout + Invisibility + Message

BAM-CG-RGR5 has a very useful set of stealth skills. However, simply sneaking up on the enemy may not utilize this best advantage.  Consider observing an enemy encampment for hours or even days to scope out the strengths, weaknesses, guard rotation, etc may be useful.  BAM-CG-RGR5 has low light vision allowing him to see twice as far in dim light (moonlight) to allow observation from afar. Consider purchasing a spyglass (1,000 gp) to double that distance as well. Have Longstrider ready in case you need to make a quick getaway, Pass Without a Trace to cover your trail, or a cyanide pill to swallow in case you are captured alive.

For short reconnaissance missions, coordinate with IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1 for an invisibility spell or message which will allow you to whisper messages to your companions up to 120 ft away.  This will ensure that your companions have a 120 ft head start to flee when you are captured and about to be tortured.

3. Entangle

Entangle was said to be an overpowered spell, considering it is first level. You have not been using this since you spent most of the time indoors in the Tomb of the Forgotten King. However, now that you are in the wide open spaces in Elsir Vale, you should not be holding back on using this.

If you need an idea of how well the entangle works, look no further than the impressive demonstration made by IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1 with the web spell. the entangle DC of the BAM-CN-RGR5 won’t be as impressive as that of the web of IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1, but it would still be useful for large amounts of low-level mooks.

4. Do Not Try to Hide From/Sneak Up To Creatures with the Scent Ability

We realize that the BAM-CG-RGR5 comes with a pretty useful stealth mode that is tempting to use. However, a creature with the scent ability can pinpoint the exact location of even an invisible person just as if he were visible.  What chance do you think you have of sneaking up on a six-headed hydra (twelve eyes, six noses) with the scent ability !?!?!

5. Flank

The two other models in your party, the VALTHURNE-NG-FTR5 and AVARIS-LN-MON3/ROG1 have been installed with Dodge and are fairly maneuverable in the field. The AVARIS-LN-MON3/ROG1 also comes with Sneak Attack (adds 1d6 damage when he flanks) as well as Tumble (allows him to get into position without provoking an AoO).  Try to maximize this by setting up a flank with either VALTHURNE-NG-FTR5 or AVARIS-LN-MON3/ROG1 as often as possible. (Most of the time each of you just squares off with an opponent of choice)

6. Animal Companion or Summon Nature’s Ally 1

We regret the unfortunate loss of your NAIADES-N add-on to the BAM-CG-RGR5. However, be aware that the BAM-CG-RGR5 comes with the ability to attract a new animal companion after 24 hours of meditation. If you do not have the skills to handle such a companion, you might also consider casting Summon Nature’s Ally 1 which can summon a similar creature. The difference? They don’t die (they return to their source to heal when they go below 0 hp) and they can attack automatically (no handle animal check needed) and they don’t hang around when you don’t want/need them to. They may not do much in combat, but they can still provide flank, draw enemy fire, trigger traps, etc.

7. Wands or Scrolls

The BAM-CG-RGR5 is compatible with many wand and scroll add-ons such as Longstrider and Cure Light Wounds. If you recall in the early days of Barrows Edge, a CLW wand kept you from needing to rest after every encounter. A longstrider wand can also free your one and only spell slot for other spells.

Scrolls can keep you prepared for any situation. Since the BAM-CG-RGR5 has only 1 spell slot, scrolls may be purchased for useful spells such as Resist Energy orDelay Poison (150 gp ea).

Although needing a caster level check, also consider staple useful spells such as Scrolls of Bull’s Strength, Cat’s Grace, Summon Nature’s Ally II (if you miss the hippogriff now that Ereb is gone).  These are purchasable from your local distributor for 150 gp each. You will need to make a caster level check (1d20+2 vs DC 5) to cast these successfully. That means unless you roll a 1 or 2, you will be fine.

Remember that the BAM-CG-RGR5 can share spells cast on itself with its animal companion.

8. Print Out your Friggin’ Character Sheet

Having your character sheet handy will speed the process of utilizing your BAM-CN-RGR5. When calling customer support, always have the stats and modifiers ready when asked for by our representative. Asking customer service for the stats of your own adventurer model will cause significant delays in our service.

Thank you for your patronage and we hope that you will purchase your next adventurer from us.  However please be informed that the PUNPUN-DIVM1/WIZ1/MMF3 is currently out of stock.

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  1. Interesting thought… you should’ve posted this to me when we were still town dammit. Now its too late to buy stuff.

    Good Job though. I’ll try to incorporate these (Dunno how to use Track though hehe and Val and Avaris and me usually try to flank (Assuming Avaris doesnt knock himself out before we get into position hehe) enemies… I think…

  2. It’s really easy to use track.

    Just say “I wanna check the area for tracks”.
    Then I say “Make a Survival Check
    You say “Ok, but whats my modifier”.
    I say “I told you to print out your friggin’ character sheet already”.
    You say “Yeah but my computer crashed”.
    I say “Fine, it’s +11 for above ground natural environments*”.
    You say “ok I rolled a 2, is that good enough?”
    I say “You suck.” 🙂

    *+15 when tracking goblinoids in above ground natural environments

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