7 Tips for Keeping Your Wizard/Archivist Alive

Due to the recent multiple near-death experiences of your one and only arcane spellcaster, I compiled a few tips on how to get the most out of your wizard/archivist.

Dear Loyal Customer,

Thank you for your purchase of the IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1. We hope that you will enjoy this fine product for many many adventures. Please note that the Iroel model is not as combat ready as the VALTHURNE-NG-FTR5. However, the Iroel model has thousands of possibilities for gaining the advantage in the battlefield. Here are some recommendations to extend the life of your IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1.

1. Invisibility + Non-Attack Spells

Invisibility breaks if the invisible person makes an attack. It does not break if the you cast non-attack spells (Cure Light Wounds, Bless, Remove Fear, Protection from Evil, Enlarge Valthurne, Ghost Sound) or buff spells. Even if the opponent is able to pinpoint the position of the IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1 (from following his voice or looking at the footprints), it’s still a 50% miss chance if they attack.

GM Note: If the late Zarr, the Doom Hand Cleric could leave behind one thing, let it be this tip mentioned above. Let his death and subsequent cremation in the forest fire be worth something.

2. Sanctuary + Non-Attack Spells

By casting sanctuary, opponents need to make a DC 16 will save to attack your IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1. Attacking an opponent will end sanctuary, but you can still can use the strategies mentioned above.

3. Mage Armor

The +4 to AC doesn’t stack with the Bracers of Armor +1, but still, AC 14 is much better than AC 11.

4. Dark Knowledge

With the insanely impressive knowledge skills of your IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1, you are almost guaranteed to succeed in the knowledge check needed to use the archivist’s dark knowledge. This will give your party+1 bonus to attack rolls against a certain creature type for 1 minute. Use Dark Knowledge, stay away from the front lines (or cast Invisibility or Sanctuary) and enjoy the show.

5. Wand of Cure Light Wounds

As an archivist, your IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1 can use this wand with no problem. This may also free your party healer, the battle-thirsty PRYTANNIA-NG-CLR4, to smash things with her mace. And she could certainly do more with her heavy mace (High strengh score, Weapon Focus, Bless, Dark Knowledge) than you could with a staff, sword or crossbow.  Add invisibility to all that healing and you will be everybody’s best friend in no time.

6. Mage Armor + Invisibility + Protection from Evil + Sanctuary

For the times when you really don’t want to die.

7. Keep encumbrance at light

While it may be tempting to have a longsword, a staff, a longspear, a shortspear, a chemistry set, etc just in case, your IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1 has a very low strength score. All that equipment will burden you when you need to climb (remember the dark islands), swim (remember the leeches), or even run.  A light load means carrying less than 21 lbs.

Therefore you also are discouraged from loading armor onto your IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1. Aside from the chances of spell failure, a mithral chain shirt weights 12.5 lbs and a mithral breast plate is 15 lbs.

With these tips, we hope you get more mileage for your IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1. If you are still unhappy with your IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1, please send us the head of IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1 with the original receipt and packaging for immediate replacement.

Warranty void if IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1 is taken out of Elsir Vale.

Also, for 1,000 XP we can upgrade your IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1 to IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV2 with new spells and abilities. Please present an intact IROEL-CG-WIZ3/ARV1 when making the upgrade.

In conclusion, I realize sometimes you chose a less than perfect character in order to have fun role-playing the concept – the clumsy but very intelligent wizard with a large pack of odds and ends, who trips and falls down a lot. But, I also go by the other ancient proverb:

Power Gaming – Because you can’t role-play when you’re dead.

But in the end, it’s about having fun. If you have fun being at the brink of death don’t let me stop you. Although I think Avaris LN Rog1/Mnk3 does enjoy being in the brink of death. What else would explain the critical hits to his own face. I think monks find it relaxing to have a chance to lie down a bit in the middle of a battle.

GM Note: Oh and I’m not advocating power gaming. It’s just that one needs to strike a balance between character optimization and role-playing.

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