Session 19 – Hermits and Hydras (2/2)

Our heroes fight off a six-headed hydra with a taste for 120 year old elven flesh.

Six Heads are Better than One

28th Day of Wealsun.
Witchwood Causeway. Late Afternoon.

After seeing the hydra rip a huge chunk of flesh from Valthurne, our brave heroes decide to make try run for it. The retreat is sounded and Valthurne volunteers to hold of the creature while the others make their escape north, deeper in to the Witchwood and nearer their true goal: Vraath Keep.

“I can slow it down,” Iroel announced, already digging into his spell component pouch.

Moments later,  thick white strands or magical webbing spun and wove all around the hydra.  Soon it was as if a giant canopy of webbing was dropped on the helpless creature.  The webs stuck to the beast, entangling and anchoring it fast into the plants and trees that were sticking out of the bog.

The hydra lashed about wildly screeching and groaning under the tight pull of the web.

“Now, Go!” Valthurne called out. Prytannia and Jorr were already far up the north end of the causeway. Bam started backing away from the trapped hydra and joined the retreat. Valthurne stood by the edge of the causeway, waiting for the last of his companions to get to safety.

“You too Iroel,” bid Valthurne. Iroel, however, did not run.

“I…I think we can defeat it,” Iroel said rather excitedly while reaching to his pack.

“No time!” Valthurne screamed.

The hydra pulled and struggled with all its might. One head broke free from the webbing and lashed out at Valthurne and Iroel. Valthunre swung his sword in a powerful arc which severed the erring head. It landed on the bog with a sick plop. “Iroel, we must go now!” repeated Valthurne.

“This first,” Iroel said. He threw a burning bottle of alchemists fire at the web. The web caught fire immediately, burning away at the hydra trapped in it. The hydra lashed and bucked wildly as the flames singed its skin.

Victory unfortunately was nowhere near. After a few moments, the woulds of the hydra healed itself, except for one – the charred stump where Valthurne severed a head.

It can still regenerate! Acid, we must try acid, thought Iroel as he reached into his pack once more.

“Iroel, the webbing won’t hold on much longer! We must go!” Valthurne screamed out once more.

“To fight or not to fight,  a decision must be made,” recited Avaris calmly, “to stand in the middle of two paths is like a man sitting between two chairs. In the end he sits at none.”

Valthurne almost dropped his sword when Avaris spoke. He practically forgot the monk was still standing beside him and Iroel because of the calm composure Avaris always held even when in the face of great danger.

The others were already at the other end of the causeway calling at Valthurne, Iroel and Avaris to run across the causeway already.

Unfortunately, the fire while it burning away the hydra, also burned slowly through the webs. Another head broke through the weakened web and lashed out at Iroel. Valthurne intercepted the head and sliced it through with Merthuvial.

GM Note: Dear reader, at this point you might be saying, heck, Valhurne seems to be doing a good job slicing through the creature. Why not stay and fight? Well, that’s exactly what went through Iroel’s mind as he kept digging into his pack and searching for a way to kill the creature or stop it from regenerating. His next attempt was with acid.  Acid did seal the neck stump, preventing new heads from regenerating, however, the four-headed hydra was still quite a handful and now Iroel’s web spell was now completely burned away.

The fire had now burned through the last remnants of the magical web. The hydra was now free.

“Yes, I believe it is time to go.” Iroel finally conceded.

“Move!” Valthune commanded.  The three of them started to turn away and sprint across the causeway when suddenly Iroel stopped to load and fire a crossbow! The few seconds that caused him was all the hydra needed to catch up with the defenseless wizard. Four powerful necks dove in and vicious rows of teeth bit and ripped the wizards flesh. When the four  heads reared up, Iroel lifelessly dropped to the ground.

“Iroel! Noooo!!!” Valthurne screamed.

GM’s Note: Valthurne says that a lot.

Iroel was slipping in and out of consciousness. He opened his eyes and saw Bam standing over him, fending off the hydra. “Leave me, its over for me,” Iroel gasped, feeling his life slip away as the causeway was now getting soaked with elf blood.

Bam was busy fending off the remaining four heads that were aggressively trying to rip him appart. “You are not going to die here,” Bam scolded Iroel. “Because I am going to kill you personally…assuming we get out of this alive.”

GM’s Note: Bam does care about Iroel! 🙂

The hydra rained in on Bam with all its might, but it could not get past the half elf who was now driving back the hydra with powerful swings of both his swords.

While Bam kept the hydra busy, Avaris tried to drag Iroel out of harms way but they could only move a few feet at a time. “Allow me,” Valthurne said, and with that (oh by the way he is 12 feet tall under the effects of Enlarge Person right now) he picked up Iroel and carried him away  on his shoulders.  Avaris followed closely at his heels.

When they were all clear, Bam withdrew with the hydra almost biting of a chunk of his behind.

GM’s Note: Actually that was not the end of it. There was a long chase sequence with the hungry hungry hydra happily hunting down the tasty adventurers.  I won’t bother narrating it here. Suffice to say, the hydra eventually lost the scent of our heroes as they crossed bog, bridge, brush, bayou and the GM ran out of alliterations.

Alternate Ending

GM Note: This alternate ending did not happen! I’m just having my fun.

The hydra was closing in on them. Valthurne could not run as fast as he could with Iroel over his shoulder. He could practically feel the breath of the hydra behind him. Then suddenly, a gigantic reptilian head dove down and snatched the hydra with its teeth. The colossal green dragon practically blocked the sun as it dove in and out, taking the poor hydra, its next meal, away into the sky.

“There’s always a bigger fish,” quipped Avaris.

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