Journal Entry 8- She ran calling Wildfire…

I think I am not fond of goblins. Whether they are the run-of-the-mill, Varag or Hobs… I just do… not… like… them.

We were waylaid by hobgoblins on our way to Drellin’s Ferry. If not for Bam’s alertness we would have been overwhelmed. These hobs were well-armed, organized and determined. They also had the support of a hobgoblin priest who wove his spells unseen.

We managed to overcome the ambush and slay the priest, but one hob escaped. I think that will come back to haunt us. Another thing that’ll likely come to bite us in the nethers is the forest fire that started in the skirmish. We managed to rally the good folk of Drellin’s Ferry to fight the fire, but in our haste to warn them, I nearly forgot to retrieve any possible clues to the true purpose of the hobgoblin presence (I believe that they were too well organized and trained for mere brigandry). I still remember the look of disbelief from my comrades when I rode back into the fire, but I couldn’t take the chance of losing not only proof of the attack, but also information that could link them to our current mission. I hope that I am wrong and that the attack was merely coincidence.

I have always felt ill at ease among decision-makers and the local government seems to be capable. The most I could hope for is that we are able to give enough warning and information to aid in the difficult times ahead… and a capable sword when the need arises.

It is amazing, the damage a minor spell can do. Racing through the burning wood, my eyes stung, my lungs burned, the heat was overwhelming. I have a new-found respect for my mare, untrained for combat, she still held steady. Racing through the inferno, she was steadfast and true. She made the difference between a desperate race to salvage proof and a fool’s mission. Later, as I was brushing her down, I found a number of minor burns and singed hair. I am truly amazed that a mere riding mare could be so fearless and true. I never got around to naming her… until now. While I admit it is also a playful jest at Iroel’s expense, I think a fitting and long overdue name for her will be Wildfire.

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