Session 18 – Fire along the Dawn Way (3/3)

The last of the hobgoblin ambush party has been killed, but now a wild forest fire is burning towards Drellin’s Ferry.

Fire Along the Dawn Way

27th Day of Wealsun
The Dawn Way. Late Afternoon

Valthurne rode his horse as fast as he could. His companions trailed behind shortly. They were not as trained in the saddle as he was, but from his quick glances behind him he could see that they were keeping up.  The fire must not reach Drellin’s Ferry, he thought to himself.

Soon the think forest gave way to a wide open spaces  the outer lying farmlands around Drellin’s Ferry. In the distance he could see several people running away from them.

“Raiders!” screamed one particularly frightened woman upon seeing our heroes gallop towards them at full speed.

Several farmers and field workers were abandoning their farms and running towards the town proper. They thought there was an invasion of some sort. It took a while for the heroes to convince them that there were no raiders or invading army, but they had to work together to prevent the fire from burning through their farms.

“Valthurne,” Bam called out. “We must get these people to form a fire line…”

Bam‘s words trailed off as he turned and saw Valthurne galloping in full speed, back towards the fire.

“Where is he going?” Avaris asked.

“I must retrieve something,” He called out as his rode towards the inferno.

It would be an understatement to say that Bam did not like responsibility thrust on his shoulders. He would normally defer to Valthurne to speak for group, to rally the troops so to speak, but the brave soldier was now a mile away.  But there was a great danger and he had to act fast. He gathered his wits about and spoke in a loud voice.

“Listen to me!” he began in a clear authoritative tone.

  • Bam was able to convince most of the frightened and fleeing farm owners and laborers to work together to prevent the forest fire from crossing over to their farms – filling the ditches with water, uprooting the crops nearest the borders, etc.
  • Iroel gave his support by tirelessly transporting bucket after bucket of water to the fire line…thanks to his Hand of the Mage, which he just crafted before they left Four Winds.
  • Avaris, who is used to carrying buckets of water up and down the stairs of the monastery was noticeably efficient in carrying water
  • Prytannia and Ereb, their players being absent, and by virtue of House Rule Update stood around and stared at the pretty fire raging across the land. (Kidding, they were presumed to be joining the effort in fire prevention)

“Whatever it is you rode back for it better be worth it,” said Iroel upon seeing Valthurne return.

Valthurne, now heavily covered in soot, drew the head of the hobgoblin priest from his pack. “We need proof,” he said. “And he was also wearing this,” Valthurne pulled out a silver chained medallion in front of him.

Iroel gasped as he saw the five headed dragon symbol. It was the holy symbol of Tiamat, evil goddess and queen of evil dragons.

“We’re in trouble now” he said slowly.

Drellin’s Ferry

27th Day of Wealsun
Drellin’s Ferry. Late Afternoon

Our heroes rush towards Drellin’s Ferry to warn the townsfolk about the incoming fire.  Many were already aware of a great fire as the flames and smoke could clearly be seen from anywhere in Drellin’s Ferry. Our heroes go directly to the townspeaker Norro Wiston to inform him of the fire and that they have encountered a hobgoblin band in the outskirts of the town.  Upon their arrival, Wiston is busy coordinating the efforts of the townsfolk to prevent the fire from ravaging the town. Occasional reports from messengers keep him informed of the progress of the fire in the outskirts of the town.

Our heroes subtly try to hide the fact that they were the ones who started the fire.

GM Note: Yes blame it on the hobgoblins. No wonder they’re so mad at the human race.

to be continued in Session 19

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