Session 18 – Fire along the Dawn Way (2/3)

On the way to Drellin’s Ferry, our heroes fight off an ambush of numerous well-armed hobgoblins and accidentally start a forest fire.

Stories of Trouble

24th Day of Wealsun
The Dawn Way. Early Afternoon.

Our heroes rode on from Four Winds towards their destination – Vraath Keep. Along the way they met many merchants who were getting nervous about the increased activity of hobgoblins in the area. The trade routes were suddenly very perilous. Many merchants were heading for the safety of Four Winds until they could be assured that it was safe to travel again.


27th Day of Wealsun
The Dawn Way. Midday.

Several days journey brought them near Drellin’s Ferry. A small town that was Elsir Vale’s gateway to the west.

Bam felt relieved to be traveling in the open air. After spending many days deep beneath the earth in the tomb of the forgotten king, he enjoyed being able to see the great blue summer sky above his head once more. He was taken out of his revelry very quickly though. A glint of the metal and some shaking in the trees beside the road brought him to attention.

“Ambush!” he cried out.

No sooner did the words escape his lips when arrows flew at them from both sides of the road. Armored hobgoblins had them surrounded! A second volley of arrows started their mounts.

A red skinned dog was charging up the road towards Bam. Flames dripped from its mouth as it charged menacingly at Bam and his horse.

  • A hellhound charges from down the road, frightening their horses. Iroel falls to the ground, but is able to avouid taking damage.
  • Iroel casts Burning Hands at the underbrush on the west side of the road. The dried parts quicky caught on fire and spread steadily along the west bank.
  • A second wave of hobgoblins arrive.
  • A hobgoblin blade bearer, a ferocious warrior wielding two swords charges forward at Avaris. Avaris is now surrounded.

“Close your eyes, Avaris!” Iroel  warned.  A spray of bright and clashing colors burst from the hands of Iroel catching several hobgoblins, the blade bearer and Avaris who was right in their midst. Iroel hoped Avaris’ mind was strong enough to resist the effects of his Color Spray.

Then the colors had subsided Avaris looked around to see hobgoblins were dropping unconscious left and right. The blade bearer stood stil, dropped his swords to the ground, and stopped moving entirely.

A mischievous smile crossed Avaris’ face.

  • Avaris took the opportunity to do a flurry of blows with matching sneak attack damage to the poor stunned and blinded blade bearer.
  • Our heroes became aware of the presence of an invisible spellcaster casting healing spells among the ranks of the hobgoblins.
  • Bam enjoys his +4 damage to the hobgoblins. He enjoyed it a LOT.
  • Meanwhile, the fire was spreading even faster to the west towards Drellin’s Ferry. What was a small brushfire is now a full fledged forest fire.
  • The invisible spellcaster -a  hobgoblin cleric, finally reveals himself and delivers an Inflict Moderate Wounds on Bam, almost killing him.
  • Soon, most of the hobgoblins were dead, unconscious or fleeing.  The hobgoblin cleric makes a run for it.
  • Avaris catches up to him and immobilizes him with a Stunning Fist attack.
  • Valthurne follows up with a blow so powerful that it almost severs the spine of the poor hobgoblin cleric. (3d6 Dex damage! Yay for critical hits!)
  • With the last hobgoblin defeated, our heroes now face a bigger problem – what to do with the raging forest fire that was under way.
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