Announcements for Session 18

In the season premiere of Red Hand of Doom

With legacy weapon Merthuvial now at the hands of Valthurne, our heroes embark on a new mission – the retrieval of other 3 weapons of legacy.  Where to begin? Their only clue is the late Xeron‘s mention of Vraath Keep – an old fortress with a painful history.

The long wait is over! Season 3: Red Hand of Doom begins on Thursday, October 2,2008; 6 AM PST, 3 PM Denmark and Germany; 9 PM Philippines and Australia.


  • Download and install Maptool 1.3b45
  • Try to send me your shopping list by Wednesday so I can update the character sheets.
  • Bam and Avaris, let us level up you guys before the game.
  • I’ll email everyone’s updated character sheets. Print them out before game time pls.
  • Last chance for diary entries.
  • Hope you didn’t miss me too much, but now I’m back and lets get ready to rock this Vale!
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  1. Announcements will now be “sticky-ed” to the top of the blog until after the game. This way it’s easier to read. See you in 12 hours!

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