Journal Entry 7- Something wicked this way comes…

18th Day of Wealsun

My dearest Ahnar’a,

I am at a loss of where to begin.

I am a descendant of the Rhestilor King Theron. I now bear the sword of my birthright, Merthuvial.

We had finally defeated Xeron only to find that his deeds were part of some greater plot. Some of Xeron’s minions escaped with some items of power. Items that must be recovered from the hands of evil if the good people of the land are to be safe.

As the spirit of King Theron spoke of a descendant among us, I could feel his gaze upon me. The seer’s confusing fortune in Four Winds became clear. With a certain dread and heavy heart I stepped forward to accept my birthright. A dread born not of knowledge that my destiny is not my own or even that my search for your freedom will be delayed, but of a sense of dark times to come. There is a prophecy that the King would return to aid the land in its time of greatest need. That time, I fear, is coming soon; and the lost legacy items are at the root of it I am sure.

I must ask you, my love, to wait awhile longer.

I must learn all I can about the history behind my ancestor, King Theron. I must unlock the secrets of Merthuvial and restore the legacy items to their proper place. I must do all that is in my power to ensure the safety of the people of Elsir Vale.

When these things are done, I can return.

Until then, my heart is with you.

Valthurne of Rhestilor

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  1. awwww!!!

  2. The second and third line for some reason are a smaller font (it was fine in the preview).
    Now I know what E was talking about. E, could you correct that for me plz. Thanks in advance.

  3. Ok. Font size edited. Btw, does the diary/book icon look better at the start or bottom of the post?

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