Session 16 – Legacy (2/2)

Our heroes receive a visit from a long dead king, who thanks them for their heroism and reveals much about their past and as the way for their future… And he gives them a gift.


18th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King. Early Evening.

  • With all of his allies unconscious or killed, Xeron is finally captured
  • The 3 statues in the room seem to come to life and look at our heroes. They recognize the blond king and red haired queen from the magical paintings. The third figure is of a bearded man carrying a shield with the symbol of Heironeous.
  • The statue of the blond king looks at the heroes and thanks them for their heroism. He reveals his name to be Theron.
  • GM realizes how bad it was to have a major characters named Xeron and Theron in the same campaign.
  • Theron thanks them for preventing Xeron from taking his bones from their resting place but warns them that  Xeron’s allies have stolen the stolen weapons of his companions. These were Weapons of Legacy and must not be used for evil.
  • Theron is surprised to see Ereb.  Ereb was apparently one of Theron’s close friends in his time. He wonders how Ereb could be alive centuries after Theron died. Theron waves a hand and the a temporary illusion appears in the place of the 4th statue (which was previously toppled over). The illusion is that of Ereb, but much older. Ereb, having no memory of his life before the companions found him in the waterfall, has no idea what Theron is talking about.
  • King Theron says that while the villains have taken the weapons of his wife and companions,  they have failed to take his legendary sword, Merthuvial – An enchanted adamantine longsword with a perfect pearl at the pomel and a black blade that glowed with the light of a torch. (Xeron had it with him an we all know Xeron failed to teleport away)
  • Theron says he has a descendant among the party but refuses to say outright who it is. He asks that that descendant acknowledge his heritage and claim the sword.
  • Lots of debate on who the descendant is. They narrow it down to the humans. Avaris, Valthurne and Prytannia. Avaris could not participate in the discussion on account of still being unconcious.
  • An instinct in Valthurne‘s gut drives him forward to claim the sword.
  • Theron smiles and bequeaths Merthivual to Valthunrne.
  • The statues return to being ordinary stone.

Return of the King…to the surface at least

20th Day of Wealsun
Kingsholm Mausoleum. Late Afternoon.

Iroel was silent for most of trip to the surface. He has had a lot to think about. The apparition of Theron asked him to learn of the Weapons of Legacy – the legendary weapons of Theron and his companions.  Xeron’s allies who had escaped had taken them with them. It was rather fortunate that Theron’s own legacy weapon, Merthuvial, was not stolen as well.

Iroel glanced at Merthuvial, sheathed at Valthurne‘s hip. Merthuvial -“Kingmaker” in the Celestial tongue – was now in the possession of Valthurne, a descendant of Theron.  Iroel pondered the implications.

Finally they were at the great stone doors of the maosoleum. It seemed like so long ago when they last crossed these doors. Now they were finally going to get some rest.

Valthurne turned to his companions before opening the door.

“Just one question,” he asked. “Who is the ruler of land right now?”

Everyone paused, unsure of who Valthurne directed the question to. Then a strange voice answered.

No one at the moment,” said the voice. “When the last of the Rhestilor kings died several generations ago, no new kingdom grew in its place. It’s all in the game blog. I told you guys to read it last week.

GM Note: Sorry I couldn’t resist. Back to the story…

“My friends,” he spoke gently “Perhaps he should  keep this king business to ourselves.”

“But we can still call you ‘My Lord’ right?” Bam chided.

“We are all equals, my friends.” Valthurne smiled warmly.

Valthurne pushed the great mausoleum doors forward and stepped into the fresh outdoor air.

The companions were shocked at what they saw. It seemed like an entire platoon of paladins were waiting for them at the entrance. Several armored men and women, their platemail glittering in the orange sun were approaching the mausoleum just as our heroes opened the door. The paladins were equally surprised to see our heroes.

Behind the approaching paladins, among several other local onlookers were Ian Turbrand, owner of the inn and Mia Desna the captain of the Kingsholm guard. Mia and Ian had their mouths open in shock and surprise.  Not having seen in seeing the heroes for days, they assumed the worst.

The biggest shock however was for Prytnannia who immediately saw the proud woman with long dark curly hair that lead the paladins that were approaching the mausoleum.

“Mother!?” Prytnannia gasped.

to be continued in Session 17

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  1. whatda?

  2. You are in trouble now young lady! 🙂

  3. Exclaims to Prytannia’s Mom…”I NEVER TOUCHED HER! I WAS NEVER EVEN NEAR HER!”

  4. Prytannia’s mom goes “So you’re saying my daughter is not good enough!?”

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