The More You Know: The Legend of the Forgotten King Revisited

Previously referred to as the Forgotten King, or The First King of Rhestilor, King Theron is nameless no more. After speaking with the apparition of Theron himself, and consulting with the bard Leera, our heroes finally learn of this mysterious but legendary figure.

Centuries ago, in Elsir Vale, an evil half-orc warlord  amassed an army of orcs, goblins and hobgoblins against the human settlements in Elsir Vale.

Theron – then a young, unknown warrior – and a few of his friends tried to infiltrate the warlord’s camp but were caught. Theron and his friends fought for their lives, but most of them died quickly.  Theron however was able to slay the warlord, free his remaining friends, and escape.

Theron rallied the remaining villagers and attacked. Even though the humanoids still outnumbered the villagers five to one, the young warrior broke the spirit of the besiegers and drove them out of the valley. Not surprisingly, the villagers soon named Theron their lord, and his surviving friends became his most loyal retainers.

His Reign

Theron realized, however, that the threat of conquest was not gone from the land. Riding to distant settlements, Theron forged agreements with them, ensuring that when the need arose, they would unite with each other against their common enemies. Theron made similar alliances with elves, dwarves, halflings, and all other good peoples. Soon, this young warrior from a small village found himself at the center of a great alliance. Before long, other lords began to acknowledge Theron as a king. This actually surprised the young man, who thought of himself as a servant of the people, not a ruler. And though his victories on the  battlefield and his diplomatic successes made him king, it was this humble attitude that made him truly great.

Baryn, Betrayal and Death

Baryn the First, the Betrayer, cursed to guard the king's tomb for as long as fate required

One of Theron’s oldest compatriots, a man named Baryn Marapolous Sigorian, betrayed him. Baryn made a pact with the humanoids and evil races of the Underdark; such was his skill at deceit that he corrupted Theron’s kingdom from within. The humanoids struck the kingdom by surprise and devastated the king’s holdings.

Out of the ashes of his court, Theron rallied his loyalists, destroyed the invading army, and battled the Baryn to the death. Though the king did not survive this final duel, Theron’s remaining supporters captured Baryn, cursed him and erased his name, one which Baryn was exceptionally proud of, from history.  The treacherous knight was forced to guard the king’s tomb for as long as fate required, atoning for his crimes through the lonely years.

Death, Bath and Beyond

It was prophesied that Theron will return to aid his people in the their greatest time of need.

Theron was buried in a hidden tomb near the village where he was born. His followers kept the the location of the tomb secret, to ensure that Theron’s remains would not be disturbed until the time for the prophecy to be fulfilled.

That was later renamed Kingsholm.

Theron and Our Heroes

Our heroes found the hidden tomb on the 9th day of Wealsun. They trailed a gang of tomb robbers for days until finally catching up with their leader Xeron on the 18th day of Wealsun.  Upon Xeron’s death, the apparition of Theron appeared to our heroes and thanked them for their brave deeds.  It is believed that Valthurne is descended from Theron.

The More You Know…


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