18th Day of Wealsun promises…

Bam reflects on the recent encounter with his cursed ancestor, Baryn Marapolous Sigorian the First, otherwise known as the Betrayer.

Mental Notes:

Bam One’s Swords – I refuse to let the world remember my name and those before me as the betrayer. The swords he used for evil, I will use for justice (and killing mages… Mages = Evil)

Naiades – The rage for the magnificent creature’s death fuels the fires inside of me. It’s like losing Ahnar’ra all over again.. Xeron will face my wrath.

Iroel – As much as I dislike him, I could never forgive myself for what I have done. Even if I know, deep inside, it was Bam One’s doing, I was weak. Everything has been my fault and I will make up for my weakness… and I have to figure out where he’s hidden the ink this time.

Xeron – He will pay. For all my pain, a thousand times will I repay him.

Letters – Write to my mom.

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