Session 15 – Call to Betrayal (3/3)

With the Betrayer finally destroyed, our heroes pay their respects for the dead and then finally confront the man they have hunted down for days…Xeron.

Last Rites

18th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King. Late

GM Note: Bullet Time because I’m running out of time. I was planning on writing this really nice cliffhanger, but I ran out of gas writing the others. Any volunteers to write this part properly? 🙂

  • Valthurne beheads the corpse of the Betrayer, while Avaris spits on it and, Iroel stabs it through the heart.
  • Bam objects to the defilement of his ancestor’s corpse.
  • Valthurne sheepishly returns the head beside the body.
  • Iroel solemly prepares an altar for his fallen raven Chealn on the stone throne. He lights candles and places an Arcane Mark on the throne.
  • Bam buries the body of his fallen companion Naiades in one of the stone coffers in the throne room.
  • Bam worries about having to tell the Guardian of the Falls that her “gift” is now dead.

The Secret Door

18th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King. Early Evening.

  • They decide to camp in the Betrayer’s throne room to rest and recover spells before searching for Xeron.
  • They are wondering Xeron may have gone, since the Betrayer’s room seemed to be a dead end.
  • Avaris takes first shift as the humans sleep and the elves meditate.
  • Barely a  few hours into Avaris‘ shift, they hear muffled sounds of large rocks being smashed and dragged
  • Avaris searches for the source. Iroel finds a secret door in a wall in the throne room.
  • Valthurne decides to wear the ornate plate mail they found earlier on the huecuva.
  • Without rest and no new spells ready, they proceed forward. Guzzling the last of their healing potions they press on.


18th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King. Early Evening.

They followed the long and winding stairway beyond the secret door. Soon the could hear the commotion of the room beyond more clearly. They could hear the distictive sounds of metal picks on rocks. A voice, familiar to Avaris could be heard above the din.

“Hurry you foolsss!, They are coming!” commanded the voice. It was a low chilling voice with a distinctive hiss.

“Xeron!” Avaris whisperd as he heard the voice of his former employer.

Valthurne retrieved his potions of Shield of Faith and Bull’s Strength from his pack and drank them immediately. He drew his sword and stepped around the bend of the staircase.

The stairway lead directly to the northern part of the room, which seemed to be a much larger room that opened southward, but the rest of the room was beyond their vision on the narrow stairway.

There was an halfling in filthy robes peering around the corner at Valthurne. As soon as he saw the armored warrior appear, he ducked back into the room, far from Valthurne‘s sight.  Behind where the halfling stood earlier was a female elf, terrified expression on her face, pressed against the wall with an axe blade propped against against her gentle neck. From where he stood, Valthurne could only see the orange skinned hand of the axe bearer.

“Master, they are here!” they heard a small voice cried out from the room beyond.

“Ssstop sssniveling you fool! Hurry and help me with thisss!” came the voice of Xeron. More scraping sounds could be heard but this time much more rushed and confused.

“Not another step now!” warned the unseen Xeron from inside the room. As he said it, the axe weilder pressed his weapon deeper in to the hostage elf’s neck.  Valthurne hesitated. He could see the terror in the elven woman’s eyes.

“You have been sssuch trouble,” Xeron continued “I wish I could remain to kill you all for all the trouble you’ve caused me, but I’m afraid I have more pressing mattersss to attend to. I will leave you all now…”

Leave? our heroes wondered.

“Farewell, you wretched meddlersss. I shall look forward to killing you all…but not today.”

Valthurne‘s instincts took over. Xeron seemed to have a plan, and he was going to get away. This he could not allow. Not after all that Xeron has done.  He gave the signal and the companions charged into the room.

Bam was first in the room, he rushed in to try to kill the axe wielder before he could harm the female elf.

There he was,  Xeron, the man they have followed for days. The man who’s trail of death they wished to end was now in their sights.   Xeron stood in the south end of the room, in heavy red robes and an ornate spear in one hand. Bam caught a glimpse of Xeron’s face for the first time: Yellow slit eyes and dark green scales on his brow and neck…

to be continued in Session 16

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  1. I wanted to avoid using the stereotypical “hisssss” sound that is expected of one such as Xeron (if you haven’t figured out what he is yet, he’s yuan-ti) but since they hear him before they see him, I felt I had to do something to his voice to clue them in.

  2. Well, you didn’t have to say he’s yuan ti. He could just be from Barcelona.

  3. Hahaha!

    Fawlty Towers reference? I’m impressed!

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