Session 15 – Call to Betrayal (1/3)

Our heroes enter the fight for their lives against the Betrayer, and struggle with an overwhelming evil that threatens to take over their minds.

Call to Betrayal

18th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King.
Early Afternoon.

“Now you die,”  Baryn the First grinned, a vicious sword in each hand.

Avaris was first to meet the challenge. He ran up the dais and attacked the Betrayer with all his might. His fists smashed uselessly against the metal armor of the Betrayer. Avaris looked up at the tall abomination in front of him and the horror became more apparent. The Betrayer’s armor was not worn, It was grafted into his skin.

Avaris did not have a chance to study their opponent more. Galloping hooves came rushing from the dark corridor behind him and, before he could protect himself, a shot of pain ran up his back. Avaris turned to see a skeletal warrior on a skeletal horse, pulling back a lance; a lance which was dripping with Avaris’s own blood.

A cry of pain from Ereb all the way at the back of the room caught the attention of the companions. A similar skeleton rider and mount had also driven a lance into the unprepared Ereb.

Enough! Prytannia thought. She held her holy symbol up high, channeling all her energy into her turning.

“Undead creatures, tremble before the glory of Pelor!” Prytannia cried out.  Her efforts were rewarded and her prayers answered. Her holy symbol shone with sanctifying light that immediately drove back the skeletons.

Unnoticed, the Betrayer flinched as Prytannia turned the undead creatures. His cursed form was infused with Divine Suffering which made him susceptible to such attacks.

GM Note: At least I think no one noticed, because no suggested  that Prytannia do another turn attempt. Guys, it was 1d6+5 damage each time the Betrayer is caught in the area of Prytannia’s turn attempt. The More You Know.

All the companions eyes were now on the Betrayer.  Abandoned by his knights, Baryn the First now stood alone against the seven of them (9 including a familiar and an animal companion).  The loss of his skeletal guards did not diminish the commanding presence of the Betrayer.

Baryn the First turned to face his descendant, Bam.

A wave of dark thoughts and feelings radiated from the Betrayer towards Bam. Bam felt hundreds or years of boiling hatred and malevolence coursing through his very being. Bam felt, for a moment, there was no Baryn the First, and no Baryn the XXIII. There was only Baryn.  He and his ancestor were of one mind. He could feel his cursed ancestor’s presence permeate every part of his body.

The feeling so overwhelmed Bam that he had to shut his eyes but the dark thoughts and feelings were still clear.

When Bam opened his eyes, he was staring at Iroel‘s terrified face. He looked down saw that his sword was embedded deep into Iroel’s stomach. Bam reeled in shock as he realized he had just stabbed Iroel. He pulled back his longsword immediately and Iroel staggered backwards, clutching his wounded midsection.

“No!” Bam gasped. “I didn’t mean…”

Bam quickly ran to the back of the room fearing the danger he presented to his companions. “Everyone stay away from me!” He called out.

Iroel tried to recompose himself.  He did not know why  his friend tried to kill him but his wizard training taught him the value of focus, and he needed to focus on the task at hand. Blocking out the pain of his wound, Iroel began chanting the words of a spell.

Iroel cast Touch of Fatigue hoping to slow down the Betrayer. He used his bond with his familiar Chealn and channeled the spell though the raven, hoping the raven could come close enough to the Betrayer to deliver the spell. Chealn landed on the Betrayer’s shoulder, a mere touch enough to deliver the magical curse.

But the Betrayer was a formidable opponent. He easily shook of the effects of the spell. He then angrily lashed out with his curved blade and cut open the raven as it tried to fly away. Chealn fell to the ground in a lifeless drop.

Iroel felt a pang of pain though his entire being as his link to his familiar was broken; A pain so great he did not think he was going to survive. He ran forward, not thinking of anything but attending to Chealn. He rushed forward and tried to pick up the raven at the foot of the Betrayer.  Maybe if he could just administer a healing potion…

The Betrayer took the (attack of) opportunity and drove his sword down at Iroel‘s upturned back. The sword drove all the way through the wizard, the sharp tip emerging out his front.  Iroel blacked out and slumped to the ground beside his raven, his robes quickly being soaked in blood.

“Iroel!”  Valthurne screamed out helplessly at the scene he just witnessed.

Naiades dove forward to attack the Betrayer, clawing furiously, but he could not penetrate the armored abomination. The Betrayer lashed out at Naiades, and his sharp blade easily sliced the great eagle from wing to wing. Naiades was dead before he hit the ground.

GM’s Note: Ok, now we have pile of dead avian bodies and a near-dead elf wizard all clustered beside the Betrayer.

Meanwhile,  Æleryn stood in the middle of the throne room, determinedly firing arrow after arrow at the Betrayer. With skill and precision he landed many arrows at the abomination but one quick lapse of judgment caused him to slip his grip of the bowstring and ended up shooting himself at the foot!

GM Note: I was wondering when we would see a fumble today.

Now only Valthurne, Prytannia and Avaris were in front of the Betrayer.  Soon, they too felt the Call of Betrayal.

Valthurne head was spinning with all the images of murder eliminating from the Betrayer. In his mind’s eye, he saw himself dealing the killing blow to Iroel who was almost dead at his feet.

Never! Valthurne thought, his mind repulsed by the mere idea.  It took all his will to block the thoughts from his mind and prevent them from taking hold.  A moment later, the dark thoughts passed. The Betrayer had not taken hold of his mind.

Battle in Bullet Boints

  • Earlier, Iroel cast Enlarge Person on Valthurne (before he was turned into Grey-Elf-Kebab.)
  • Also earlier, Iroel succeeded on a Dark Knowledge check on both the skeletons and the Betrayer, granting his allies +1 to attack rolls. Not sure who actually remembered to use this bonus.
  • Bam and Ereb were across the room beating on the a skeleton and mount that were cowering from the turning.
  • Betrayer crits Avaris to -9 HP.
  • Ereb rushes to the front of the room to try to stabilize Avaris
  • Under constant psychic bombardment, Prytannia eventually gave in to the Call of Betrayal, whacked the unsuspecting Ereb with her heavy mace, dropping the poor druid to -3. Luckily Ereb stabilized instantly.

Valthurne looked around. Avaris, Iroel and Ereb lay lifelessly on the ground. Were they dead? Has he failed even more people who looked to him for protection?

The Betrayer laughed as he saw despair in Valthurne‘s expression.

“Now join your companions in death,” the Betrayer growled and advanced toward Valthurne.

to be continued…

Memorable Quotes

When Bam fails a will save against the Betrayer and has to attack his allies:

GM: Bam, make an attack roll against Iroel
Valthurne: (OoC) Hey Bam, I’m actually flanking Iroel. You could get a +2…
Bam: (makes a successful attack roll with his longsword) What have I done? (pause) I should have followed up with my shortsword!

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