Prytannia reflects on the events leading to the encounter with the Betrayer.

I have been adventuring with Bam for a while and I have seen a lot of changes in him for a short period that I know him. I could say that he has grown up and matured so fast (maybe forcedly) with all the encounters he’s had. But none of those past encounters might probably be as heart-wrenching and smack harder than what’s he’s facing right now.

Meeting his namesake, his ancient ancestor BAM the First, and realizing what fate his ancestor fell prey to would really be a hard thing for him to deal with.

His unpredictable behaviour makes me more often proud of him but at times makes me wonder how he’d gotten his way out of most troubles he gets into.

This day, more than ever, I see Bam and I see a whole lot of promise… That I know he’d pull through and not succumb to the same fate his ancestor has fallen into. Because what he decides on cannot ever be reversed, as he saw his forefather’s.

By Pelor I believe this so…

By Pelor I stand by his side…

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