Announcements for Session 15 (updated 9-03)

In the season finale of Barrow of the Forgotten King:

Our heroes battle the Betrayer, who is none other than Baryn Marapolous Sigorian the First; Bam‘s ancestor and the progenitor of the Sigorian line; cursed to reside in the tomb for eternity for his foul deeds.

Low on spells and unprepared, will our heroes survive this encounter? Will Bam succumb to the call of  evil as his ancestor did? Will Iroel finally uncover the legend of the forgotten king? Will Avaris live long enough to seek his revenge on Xeron? Will Valthurne now “rest eternaly” in this tomb as prophesied?  Will Ereb ever find out who he is?  Will Prytannia find true love?

Don’t miss the two-part season finale starting on Thursday, September 4,2008, 6 AM PST, 3 PM Denmark and Germany; 9 PM Philippines and Australia.


With 7 players, there is a big chance that this epic battle will turn into a long drag. So here are some things we will try:

  • We’ll implement the turn timers. 30 seconds per combat turn. If you can’t think of anything, you forfeit your turn. I suggest using the time waiting for others to think of the actions on your turn.
  • Say “…and then I’m done.” at the end of your turn so we know and we can quickly move to the next player.
  • Only two people at a time on the voice channel. Use the text chat for everything else.
  • Have your character sheet ready. Don’t ask me for your stats, attack rating, saving throws, etc.

Oh, and no diary entries? I was just “bragging” in the forums how my players loved writing diary entries.  I hope there not checking this blog hehe.

Update Sept 3,2008:

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