Session 14 – The First, The Forgotten (3/3)

Our heroes meet one who’s name has been purged from history. He seems intent on slaying our heroes, but he has a macabre proposal for one of them.

The Betrayer

18th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King.
Early Afternoon.

“Come forward and announce yourselves!” came the voice.

Bam realized that the man was looking at him. Bam glanced at his hands and realized the invisibility spell Iroel had cast had aready worn off. Embarrassed, he stepped forward from behind the purple curtain he was hiding from.

The others, though far behind, saw Bam cross the purple curtain and hurried after him.

Ereb was the last to cross the curtain. Now he too could see the source of the voice that spoke to Bam.

A large dais and a jewel-encrusted throne are set against the north wall. Sitting on the throne is a handsome, clean-shaven man who has a powerful build, his raven locks spilling from beneath a golden crown onto the pauldrons of his fine plate armor and violet cloak. Sheathed blades lean on either side of his fine chair. As you look on, he opens his dark eyes and frowns.

“Who would disturb the rest of the king?” he asks in a deep voice.

Avaris recognized the man on the throne immediately. It was the raven haired knight from the magic paintings. The one who killed the king in cold blood and took his crown.  He’s still alive? Avaris thought to himself.

“I am Baryn Marapalous Sigorian XXIII” answered Bam.

The king looked confused for a moment, then gave a hearty laugh that echoed across the throne room.

“What is funny?” Bam asked.

The king ignored his question but kept his eyes on Bam as he asked, “Tell me of the surface. Who reigns over the Vale?”

It was Iroel who stepped forward and answered. “No king reigns over the Vale, the last of the Rhestilor kings died and no new kingdom has come to take its place.”

“Then why have you come here?”. The kings voice was cold and calm, but Valthurne was not at ease. He studied the king silently as his companions spoke.

“We seek one who is named Xeron” Valthurne finally spoke up. “Is he here?”

“You do not ask me questions!  Show respect for your king!” The man’s voiced suddenly became harsh and savage. “Does the world outside know of this place?”

Iroel was now shaking. “The world outside has forgotten this place. It only exists in tomes and in the memories of the old ones.”

The king turned his attention to Ereb who was standing far at the back.  The king’s eye sparkled with recognition, then his expression turned sour. He opened his mouth speak but Bam, unable to hold his voice any longer, interrupted him.

“Who are you?” Bam couldn’t help but ask.

The whole time, Bam was staring at the man on the throne. Now that he was there in front of him, the family resemblance was undeniable. He was most certainly from the Sigorian line.  Baryn the XVII?  Bam thought. No, from what Iroel told of this tomb, it was built over 500 years ago. Unless he is…the first!

Fast Forward!

  • They realize that this man is Baryn Marapolous Sigorian I, from whom Bam is directly descended. He was cursed to remain in the tomb as payment for his treacherous deed.
  • Bam is crushed by the realization that his ancestor and namesake was a traitor.
  • Valthurne uses Sense Motive to size him up, and realizing that he is way above their CR. He slowly inches away, but nobody else seems to realize the danger they are in and continue to piss off the Betrayer.
  • The Betrayer grimly warned that all of them will die this day but he offers Bam a chance to live if he will turn on his companions.
  • Iroel casts Silent Image in front of the Betrayer. He created an illusion of the Betrayer killing the king (as he saw in the magic paintings). The Betrayer was clearly not pleased.

“You dare cast that in my presence?” He bellowed.

Leaping to his feet, the man on the throne draws his blades and descends from the dais. As he does, the bejewelled throne fades into a plain stone seat. The man’s hair withdraws under the crown, and his skin grays and runs, revealing bone and muscle beneath. His armor sags and corrodes, seemingly grafting to his distended flesh along with the crown, which has lost all luster. Lidless, his eyes burn with madness.

“How dare you come here?” he howls. “Now you shall share my pain. Knights, to arms!”

The statue of the mounted figure in the corner changes to reveal a lance-bearing skeletal warrior atop a skeletal horse. A clatter from the passage to the west suggests more trouble.

to be continued in Session 15

Memorable Quotes

After Valthurne uses Sense Motive and realizes the guy is way above their CR:

*Valthurne shifts uncomfortably, glances, hopefully subtly to the others
Avaris: So Bam, looks like we have to destroy your ancestor.
Prytannia: We will see who dies this day.
Valthurne: Guys, let’s not be so hasty…

*Iroel casts an illusion reminding the Betrayer of his evil deed
Avaris: (OoC) Oooh! Psychic guilt trip! I approve heartily.

Betrayer: (to Bam) You may live if you draw your sword and stand with me.
Prytannia: I dont have a sword. I have a mace…

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