Session 14 – The First, The Forgotten (2/3)

Our heroes battle two undead creatures that serve as a reminder that the price for treachery is suffered long after one’s death.

Treachery’s Price

18th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King.
Early Afternoon

Two doors bearing the symbol of Wee Jas caught the attention of the heroes.  Bam listened in the first door and sure enough he heard two voices arguing.

Valthurne stepped in front of the door, sword and shield ready, glanced around at his companions, faces stern in anticipation

Are you ready? His expression asked without words. The companions nodded in reply. Valthurne took a deep breath, and kicked the door with all his might.

Shocks of pain ran up Valthurne‘s knee and hip from the impact of his foot with the stone door. Ereb couldn’t help but give a quick laugh.  Valthurne quicky recomposed himself and pulled the door open.

A putrid smell escaped the room the moment Valthurne opened it.  Inside the room, in the light of the sunrod, the companions could see two figures clambering up the stairs towards them: A skeleton in an ornate platemail and what looked like a grotesque skinless man.

Iroel recognized the undead creatures immediately. One was a huecuva and the disgusting man was a plague walker.  Both were undead products of once pious paladins or clerics who have forsaken their vows and turned to evil, and therefore condemned into eternal unlife. Unlike any undead they have faced so far, these were sentient, and more calculating and dangerous.

“Keep them away from Prytannia,” Iroel warned. Aware of the deep hatred huecuvas and plague walkers had for living good clerics.

Battle Bullet Boints

  • Prytannia casts Bull Strength on Val and Bless on everybody.
  • Valthurne exposes himself to Prytannia (see Memorable Quotes below)
  • Valthurne tries to intimidate the undead. (They just laugh at him)
  • Iroel casts Enlarge Person on Valthurne and Web on the huecuva and plague walker.
  • Valthurne and Avaris oil up. (Oil of Magic Weapon that is)
  • The plague walker turns into a putrid flesh bomb and explodes, sending flesh and bone shrapnel that knocks Valthurne out. (Meat bomb meets meat shield)
  • Ereb summons again, what is now turning into a crowd favorite…a hippogriff.
  • Valthurne smashes the face of the huecuva in.

Fun Fact: Prytannia wanted to heal Valthurne. The GM kept telling her to move next to Valthurne in order to do so. Prytannia kept insisting that she was already right beside him, although all the rest could clearly see that she was all the way at the back of the room and no where near Valthurne. It turnes out, she was in the wrong map…for the last two hours of the game!

Memorable Quotes

DM: You see a symbol on the door. It’s a grinning skull with stylized flames dancing around it
Ereb:(OoC)  Symbol of no good…simple terms: an oooh shit door
DM: Iroel, you recognize it as the symbol of Wee Jas
Iroel: Oh no! Wee Jas is the goddess of death!
Bam: (OoC) Wee Jas wanna kill?

GM: Everyone give me a spot check
Ereb: (OoC) Can I roll a survival check? ’cause it looks like we might not make it through this one

While getting ready for combat:

Prytannia: Should I cast Bless?
*Valthurne nads at Prytannia

Several jokes about “nads” later

Avaris: You “nad-ded” Prytannia? Must be a cultural thing
Ereb: What spell is that Avaris?
Avaris: Nad Person

*Valthurne smashes his mace into the huecuva
Iroel: (OoC) Thats one heck uva hit

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  1. Sigh…. it was suppose to be “nods” 😉

  2. Yeah. But what kind of immature gamers would we be if we didn’t spend the entire game giggling and making jokes about it 🙂

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