The Power of the Divine

It was stupid of me to charge forward into a spider’s nest. Especially a spider the size of a horse!

I almost died, but was aware of divine power being used nearby. I later learned Prytannia called upon Pelor’s power to wound our foe, buying us precious time. hmmm….


Published in: on August 27, 2008 at 3:07 pm  Comments (7)  

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  1. You made this?

  2. yup.

  3. Cool! New or you’ve drawn this before?

    It it ok if I’ll edit the size so it won’t spill over the border? Also you can add captions to your images in wordpress, ‘coz I saw the photobucket image had its own caption and you might want to include that in the post.

  4. yup, made from scratch! AS for the caption… time. haha

  5. love it!!!!

  6. it’s like mariah saying “I’ll touch your body”

  7. It’s really great Sands/Avaris ! Hope to see more of these!

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