House Rule Update: Absent Players

I’ll be adding the following to the House Rules section. If there are no objections these will be implemented from Session 14 onwards.

If you can’t be present at a game session, your character will:

  1. find an excuse to temporarily leave the party, if possible. (e.g. volunteer to guard the campsite)
  2. fade into the background or just do obvious actions: Attacking an enemy creature in front of him, perform AoO’s, or heal dying comrades.
  3. gain only half  XP. Objection noted  7-28-2008
  4. probably act out of character.
  5. most probably be used by the GM as a plot device.

GM’s Note: I think its not going to penalize people much since there is a lot of XP to be gained from diary posts in other sessions, and the party is large enough to do without one or two members every now and then.   Let me know what you guys think especially of  #1 and #3.

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