Contemplating Numbness

This poem was written by Iroel Qvasura, and is dedicated to Ahnar’a, Druidess of the Woods, and Guardian of the Water.

Those who deserve death the least

Are always the first to perish

And so, the time has come again

To bid a friend farewell

The confused dreamer waking up

To see a barren world of pain

Looking around, searching for a glimmer

Of the serenity he desperately seeks.

Full of despair, he looks around

To see that nothing is there

Truth and lies, all mixed up

In all-consuming nothingness

He looks above to skies for hope

Begging the gods for mercy

But what comes – Yet again

Is nothing of the sort

No wishes granted, yet still

He clings to his only hope

That someone is here to help him

Face this cold world

Contemplating his numbness

He finally gets enough

Sets out in the world to stop it

Not the hero, anymore


No longer the thought of stopping

Lies buried in his head

Forever he’ll continue

’till nothing is, but death.

‘Gods have mercy’, some would say

I tend to disagree

For what are we, if not to choose

Our own, free destiny.

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