Broken Body, Unbroken Spirit

Perhaps I need more training after all. Master Deceit told me so right after I told him I had recovered and wanted to continue my journey. I was being impatient he said, but I was probably living up to my name as well. He told me to find my own way then, and to never return until I had gained what it was I wanted.

So now here I am, barely conscious. My life ebbing away in this pit I fell into. The monsters in the next chamber had herded me here by accident. What an end…..certainly not what I wanted…

Hmmm? I awake… and to such fortunate and strange circumstances. 2 women, priestesses of some sort. I can smell it on them. An elven wizard… 2 warriors of sorts.. and a quick elf.

I convince them I am no threat. In fact, I’m an asset. They want Xeron. I want Xeron too, for an entirely different but no less urgent reason. No sooner do they heal me a bit when they decide to enter the room where most of my former companions met their end. This time I am ready. They are skilled, these new comrades, and what was a lopsided fight the last time becomes winnable.

They were all automatons of some sort. The wizard would later say they were golems. I never saw how that golem managed to twist my arm and redirect the force of the blow to myself. I intend to avoid that maneuver if ever I encounter it again.

Well, two near death experiences in a day would have Master Deceit shake his head in disappointment. Perhaps I shouldn’t go back anytime soon. Best to pick myself up and strengthen myself further.

We’ve found the scent of Xeron’s trail, at the cost of one of my new companions. It is a high price to pay.

And I would not wish anyone to be Xeron when we find him.

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  1. Nice entry! You are really off to a good start here. Although I don’t understand naming your master as Master Deceit šŸ™‚ .

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