Session 12 – Guardian of the Falls (3/4)

continued from Session 12 – Guardian of the Falls (2/4)

A moral dilemma splits the party when they come across their sleeping enemy. Bam, Valthurne and the new companion Avaris kill three varags in their sleep. Iroel and Prytannia protest but the others feel justified in their actions. Oh and they find a Haversack with some food and supplies, but the bedrolls were now soaked in blood.

Broken Puzzle

17th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King. Labyrinth. Morning.

A large stone table with numerous gears and knobs lay broken at the northern part of the room where our heroes defeated the automatons. Avaris narrated that it used to be a puzzle lock, which Xeron smashed in frustration of not being able to open it. Avaris explained that once the puzzle lock was smashed, the automatons emerged from the statues and started attacking.

Coup de Grâce, Coup d’état

17th Day of Wealsun
Tomb of the Forgotten King. Labyrinth. Morning

In the next chamber, three varags made camp and were fast asleep when the heroes arrived. They piled sarcophagi lids to the entrance to the chamber. A raging waterfall poured down from 100 feet above the chamber into a darkness at least another 100 feet below.

Bullet Time

  • Val climbed over a a stone barricade, trying in vain not to make noise. Good thing the waterfall nearby drowns out their clambering about.
  • Avaris tried to sneak up to the sleeping varag but stepped on a hidden caltrop (those sneaky bastards!) He bit his fist as he tried to stop himself from crying out in pain.
  • Coup de grâce on the sleeping varags c/o Avaris, Bam and Valthure.
  • Prytannia protested and Iroel is livid, calling it murder.
  • Valthurne and Avaris justified their actions.
  • Haversack.

to be continued in Session 12 part 4 – Saying Goodbye

Memorable Quotes

Avaris, Bam and Valthurne prepare to kill the sleeping varags:

Bam: (whispers) Coup de grace.
Avaris: Dynasty style-with a goode down pillow smother..

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