The More You Know: Vestments of Divinity, Ephod of Authority

Vestments of Divinity

Vestments of Divinity are a set of hallowed magical items that allow the bearer to deny sin, wage war against evil, and put an end to malevolence wherever it is found. Wearing the Vestments of Divinity grants powers that bolster your ability to battle evil creatures. With each new item added, you gain additional divine confidence. When all five pieces are worn together, your body takes on a silvery sheen, and your eyes become the color of glowing aquamarine.

The Ephod of Authority

This silver vestment is set with a circle of nine semiprecious gemstones surrounding a raised, silver hemisphere. The ehpod grants its bearer greater power in turning undead.

One of the pieces of Vestments of Divinity, the Ephod of Authority was found by our heroes in the Tomb of the Forgotten King on the 13th day of Wealsun. Left in the tomb by some heroes of ages past, the ephod, along with other magical items were found with a scroll that read:

We who rest still long to serve. If you seek the same, take our goods and be blessed. If greed moved this stone and not a true heart, may our curse find you ere we awake.

Prytannia is the current bearer of the Ehpod of Authority. She lovingly calls it the iPod of Authority. The scroll which came with the items was reused by Bam when he wrote a letter to the mother of a vanquished foe.

This is, The More You Know

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  1. so you become a fremen?

  2. And knowing is half the battle!

  3. …A Fremen with the power of AWESOMENESS!

    “The More You Know” is a series of celebrities making public service announcements on TV in the US.

    I thought I would do a series of these each time in the tone and form of a public service announcement. Future topics include…

    -The Legend of the Forgotten King
    -The Sigorian line
    -Demon Fever

    etc. Stay tuned! 🙂

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