Announcements for Session 12

This week in Barrow of the Forgotten King:

A vision comes to fulfillment!

New party members!

A great tragedy befalls one of the heroes!

A gift from a god!

Tune in this Thursday, August 14. 6 AM EST, 3 PM Denmark and Germany; 9 PM Philippines and Australia for the continuation of the ongoing adventure in Barrow of the Forgotten King! Dun dun duuuunnnn!!!!

*Not available in all regions. Please contact your cable provider or DM for details.


  1. Go to and download Maptool 1.3b38
  2. I will be emailing you your latest character sheet. Please print them out or have them handy during the game. Try to refrain from asking me what your saves or skill checks are or what items you have in your inventory. All the info you need is in those sheets.
  3. Will you be returning to town or pressing forward? (Or staying put and sing campfire songs until you run out of food start cannibalizing each other) So far the consensus is to return to town. But I still haven’t heard the official statements of Bam and Iroel. I suggest you come to a decision before game starts on Thursday.
  4. See you all on Thursday.
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  1. my official thoughts? I’m for pressing forward (and not because i just want to be different). Considering the pains and perils we went through to get where we were now, we cant be sure that we’d be in a better position than we currently are (yes, thats considering the spellbook. more prestidigisomething?). Given that we’ve been going back to town after almost every fight, I think that we may have lost so much time catching up to our “friends” already.

    side note… remember the eye thingamig with the sleepsomethingorother power? consider having people sleep while climbing.

  2. hate having broken my computer. so hard to concentrate on doing my latest diary entry when i have to make sure i have something to play with this week. argh.

    …and that nwn 2 character…. *sigh*

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